When looking lớn buy the best laptop, you may need khổng lồ decide whether to choose a device with 4GB or 8GB of RAM.

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RAM- or Random Access Memory - is a vital component of all laptops & PCs. Whether you"re seeking the best laptop for studying, or a top-class gaming laptop, it should definitely be a factor in your decision.

So, if you"re stuck between two laptops with 4GB và 8GB of RAM, which should you pick?

4GB vs 8GB RAM

In almost all cases, choosing a laptop or PC with 8GB RAM is better than opting for a 4GB device.


Your device"s RAM is its short-term, superfast storage capacity, and is the priority location for all active applications. Having a smaller RAM means relying also on your hard drive for these active tasks, and fetching from these drives is much slower than from the RAM.

To put it simply, this means that your computer will run slower with 4GB RAM compared to lớn 8GB RAM when you have a number of applications open.

However, the downside khổng lồ having a higher capacity RAM is the price. Even the best budget laptops are unable to include 8GB RAM as it is more expensive.

Is 8GB RAM enough for gaming?

8GB RAM is perhaps the absolute minimum amount of RAM you need for gaming. It should be enough for some less demanding games such as Fortnite (which has a minimum requirement of 4GB, & recommended requirement of 8GB RAM) or Minecraft.

However if you want lớn play the most up-to-date games, such as call of Duty: Warzone, 8GB is the minimum. This means you won"t be able to play these titles on their best settings without upgrading lớn 16GB RAM, và may run into some frustrating moments of lag, too.

It"s also worth noting that RAM is not the only factor khổng lồ consider for your PC or laptop. Buying a great gaming monitor and a super-fast SSD should also be factors you consider in your gaming setup.

Is 4GB RAM enough for a student laptop?

4GB RAM will suffice if you"re student loan can only cover a low-end laptop, as it will allow for basic website browsing và simultaneous word processing.

However, if you"re the type of person khổng lồ keep tens of tabs open, along with multiple word documents, YouTube videos, combined with being in a Microsoft Teams meeting for online learning, your device may start to lớn slow down.

We"ve managed lớn find a selection of cheap laptops - some that include 8GB RAM - that should help you through those dreaded Zoom calls and online exams.

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