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We just finished our crack for Adobe Illustrator 2019, another work made by our amazing guys. Its not tested in every sistem, so we’ll be very grateful khổng lồ receive your feedbachồng.

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The crachồng works with the trial version. If you find any problems, please leave us a phản hồi with your OS version.

Download Illust-v1.2.4xf (Windows and MacOS version)Zip Pass:

Discover the small và big novelties that Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 includes. Among the major highlights the incorporation of a new tool called Deformation of không lấy phí position. They have also changed some panels lớn be much more versatile & useful when working. Learn to lớn use the new features of the work tables, as well as bookstores, stylistic sets or texts và enjoy minor changes designed lớn improve the performance and work even better.. If you have sầu any doubt you can check the system requirements here.

Basic guide to use Illustrator CC in your design projects

Illustrator is our Achilles heel in graphic và multitruyền thông design made by adobe because it helps us create projects with incredible illustrations, full of life with intermediate tones, artistic patterns & brushes, as well as volume infographics & realistic shadows in unsuspected perspectives.

Whether you start in the world of design or if you have been there for a long time, you can not miss this basic guide for every design created lớn maximize the possibilities of its tools và shortcuts, control the technical aspects and know its multiple export options .

How khổng lồ use Illustrator for your design
Find the assets you need faster with a larger Libraries panel

In this CC 2018 version you can find an exclusive sầu window for the creation of new projects, where you can customize the characteristics of your projects (measurements, color, indentation, orientation, etc.) và suggest in an orderly way a classification of the types of most common formats for di động, website, print, đoạn phim và illustration.

Once you have created a new file you can always change your measurements with the Worktable tool & its established margins and other basic features in File-> Adjust document.Templates

Whether you start in graphic kiến thiết or if you are a professional you can not miss Adobe’s miễn phí templates, because they will help you get started with a good social network ibé, banner, diptych or even the thiết kế of a website.

Now you can buy fonts from some of the industry’s biggest names & use them in your Illustrator projects

They can inspire you in them, have sầu them as samples for your clients or help you in the technical part of sizes, proportions và technical requirements.

Important: if you are going lớn print a kiến thiết make sure before the measurements and indentations of the printing house where you are going to bởi it, because the Adobe templates have sầu some measures that perhaps in the press bởi not correspond.

Specific workspaces

The new 2018 Illustrator interface will remind you a lot of Adobe Photocửa hàng, above sầu all because of its similarity with the use of layers and distribution of panels. The software being a mainly vector program has specific tools, but its use is very versatile, because it is used for the creation of illustrations, infographics, branding or webs. To have sầu at first glance the most useful tools and panels in each case, the specific workspaces that you will find in Ventana-> Workspace: Essential aspects are ideal; Classic essentials; Automation; Design; Printing & tests; Painting; Typography; Layout; Web.

You can save sầu a space of yours with the tools and panels that you use most in the option: New workspace.

Mark individual fonts as favorites lớn quickly find the one you needWork tables

The work tables are different sheets or workspaces, so that in one document you can have different plans of the design, very useful for brochures, diptychs, triptychs & web screens, UX kiến thiết. In each work table the layers are organized with their contents, you can change their location in the workspace with the worktable tool and you can duplicate them to streamline the production work. As of version 2018 you can make simultaneous adjustments of the work tables.

See a live preview by hovering over the phông list with selected textDesign tools

In every thiết kế, tones are chosen, texts are inserted, basic forms are created to lớn create logos và illustrations. That’s why it’s good that you have sầu a general visualization of all Illustrator tools, in this Adobe Photosiêu thị links you are presented by functions, print this image right now và hook it on the wall in front of your computer, you’ll see how much more agile when it comes to using them.

Many of the tools will remind you of other Adobe programs such as Photosiêu thị and Adobe Inthiết kế, such as magic wands và transformation tools. Use the cursors to lớn select the elements, the direct selection tool khổng lồ select the vector nodes. The lasso tool will help you khổng lồ select only what you are interested in accurately without having lớn go khổng lồ the layers.

Archive sầu and restore all your assets stored in Creative Cloud

One of the classic tools of the program has been the brushes, choose in the library of brushes the one that suits you best lớn give sầu that special touch to your logo or artistic illustrations. Create your own brush by selecting the shape & dragging it to the Brushes panel.Motive, Patterns, & transformations

To streamline the work of the designer it gives us many advantages by creating vector elements that can be converted into repetitive samples in the menu Object-> Motif -> Create motive for the custom creation of patterns. Other options are the Novelty Edge brushes that help us make repetitive sầu illustrative sầu motifs in a specific line, such as ants, chains, grass, etc. that will make complex designs easier.

The Pathfinder panel will provide shortcuts to lớn kiến thiết complex vector shapes in a few seconds. Boring, adding or subtracting vector elements.

There are many typical transformation tools such as scaling, skewing, etc. but it is even easier in the CC 2018 version with the new Properties panel that will help you to specify the transformation points.

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The star tool of the new CC is the tool of deformation of không lấy phí position, very similar khổng lồ the one used in Photoshop, to lớn create points, changes of position & transform the illustration easily. It will help us together with the Mesh tool to create logo sản phẩm animations.

Save sầu time when you import all the pages of a PDF all at once3 chiều effects và Infographics

You can transsize any vector element inkhổng lồ a 3 chiều element by selecting Effect-> 3D-> Extrusion và Beveling. You can even use it for graphics created with the Graphic Tool, which through data that you insert in the Illustrator itself or import from Excel, continues with the great advantage of moving from one graphic khổng lồ another in seconds và being able to lớn constantly vary your data.

With the Perspective Grid tool you will be able khổng lồ adapt any thiết kế to lớn an isometric and aerial perspective sầu. Rethành viên to use the tool from the same Perspective Selection group to insert inlớn the elements in the desired perspective sầu.

Ink control & image quality

Toto lớn vector thiết kế can be used on different platforms, but the one that needs more control is when it has khổng lồ be printed, lớn control that all inks are CMYK using File-> Document Color Mode-> CMYK Mode. Then make sure in the Samples panel all the inks are in CMYK, double clicking on each sample and seeing its color mode.

To check if the images are also in CMYK & in good quality of 300ppp (or as required by the press), you can open Window-> Links & you will see the list of all of them. If the images are embedded in the document, such as what happens in the templates downloaded from Adobe, at the top of the workspace you will see their properties.

Work faster with access lớn all your controls in one place. The new và intelligent Properties panel shows you only the controls you need

Rethành viên to lớn use the indentation indicated by the press if the design background is in color or has an image, you can specify it in File-> Adjust document.

Export to different formats

Is one of the most complete programs to lớn export in different printing formats (.ai, pdf, etc), open in different programs such as Adobe Photocửa hàng (.psd, .tiff), prepare for web (.png, .jpg, .bmp), animation (.swf, .svg), infographics for Autocad (.dwg, dxf) & website page (such as .css for styles), plus options in Export-> Export for screens or Export-> Save sầu as Web.

When you finish the thiết kế you can in File-> Packaging include all the work with the fonts & images used, so you can eliminate the rest not used and tải về weight on your computer.

Now with this quiông xã guide of options & shortcuts, khổng lồ use it in your design projects, you can get down to work and finally control this creative sầu program full of brushes, tones và vector controls.

Select multiple artboards at one time, và align & organize them automatically on your canvas in just a click

Differences between Photocửa hàng và Illustrator, when to lớn use one or the other?

Within the world of graphic design, we find endless resources. Computer programs are one of the most used in the workplace. In many professional profiles, such as the web application developer or the superior sale and advertising technician, it is almost essential to lớn know them. From #lanuevaFP we recommover you to lớn know the differences between Photocửa hàng and Illustrator và when it is better lớn use one or the other.

Differences between the two

Photoshop as the name suggests, is very useful for photos. It is a comprehensive solution to lớn create, edit and retouch any type of raster image. It can also be used to draw và even digitally paint, retouch colors and lighting of photographs or to create digital images ready for the web.

On the other h&, Illustrator is the artist of vector images. Everything you create can be scaled lớn the smallest, lượt thích a favicon or gigantic billboards. All this without losing quality or finding any pixelation. This makes it the best frikết thúc of the logo sản phẩm.

Libraries in Illustrator now tư vấn text, so you can store & access the passages you use mostWhen is it better khổng lồ use Photoshop?

To touch up photos. There is no better tool.To edit illustrations (photos, paintings, drawings), whether for digital or printed version. That could be a photo, painting, drawing or anything else. Then you can use it with Illustrator.To create digital images for the website, social networks, advertisements, headlines, etc. It is igiảm giá khuyến mãi lớn ensure that they have sầu the correct size & are optimized for the web.To create a trang web or a model. The use of layers facilitates the editing of the user interface, & will have the correct size for any screen resolution.To edit videos, cut simple đoạn phim clips and add graphics, filters, text, animation and much more.

When it is better not to lớn use Photoshop

You want to lớn create a biệu tượng công ty, since a good biệu tượng công ty must be resized và this program is not created to lớn work with vectorial illustrationsYou need to create a kiến thiết with a lot of text.

Crop bitbản đồ images directly within Illustrator to discard excess parts, reduce tệp tin size, và improve sầu performanceWhen is it better to lớn use Illustrator

To create a biểu tượng logo or inhỏ. Since they are designs that must be used in many different shapes & sizes.For a printable piece lượt thích posters, business cards, brochures … It is igiảm giá khuyến mãi khổng lồ create visually stunning titles that combine with other types of images.To compose any type of typography. Transkhung any typography into a fully editable size that can be stretched, skewed and transformed in any way imaginable.

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When it is better not khổng lồ use Illustrator

You want to edit imagesYou want to lớn create multi-page documents, InDesign does it much better with page numbering or the best functionality in text design.

Download Links

Download Illust-v1.2.4xf (Windows and MacOS version)Zip Pass:

We believe sầu that sharing softwares is something great & needed, but please never forget to support his creators. If you can afford the product PLEASE BUY IT =)

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