Masterkeys Pro S Rgb Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Over the years, Cooler Master has grown up quite a bit with their mechanical keyboard designs. Unlượt thích many of the designs of the past, Cooler Master’s new keyboards now focus on a more of the bachồng to lớn basics thiết kế approach with minimal frills, but all the functionality you’d want in a mechanical keyboard.

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The Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S is the embodiment of that new thiết kế philosophy. Aside from the hình ảnh, Cooler Master keyboards appear khổng lồ have few differentiating factors against its competitors, but as the platitude goes, never judge a keyboard by its cover.

Today we’ll be reviewing one of Cooler Master’s lakiểm tra mechanical keyboards, the Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S to see exactly where it excels & where it falls short.


ManufacturerModelLayoutSwitch TypePolling RateAnti-GhostingKey RolloverBacklightInterfaceWeightSize
Cooler Master
Masterkeys Pro S RGB
US Layout
Cherry MX Red, Blue, or Brown
USB 2.0
930g (2 lbs)
359mm x 130mm x 39milimet (14.1″ x 5.11″ x 1.53″)

A Closer Look

Here’s a look at the packaging for the Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S.


As it’s a keyboard, included is the keyboard, a detachable USB cable và a field manual. It’s highly advised khổng lồ save sầu the manual for reference as you’ll see in a bit.


The keyboard packs a ton of extra features and most of them can be accessed without having to install the driver software. Via the keyboard itself, up to four banks of macros can be saved directly into lớn the board, with the RGB backlight color mixer placed conveniently on top.


Cooler Master has also included a repeat rate adjustment which change the tốc độ at which keys repeat when you hold them down.


Of course there’s also the Windows Key lock khổng lồ prsự kiện accidentally bumping into lớn the Windows Key while gaming, LED lighting pattern switcher, and macro programming.


Along with the rubber feet at the bottom of the keyboard, the elevator feet have sầu rubber hats lớn keep them from slipping as well.

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The Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S supports a myriad of LED lighting options which can be programmed through the driver software for a custom look or you can also choose from the pre-defined patterns.


NKRO works well as expected. The numpad number key lit up for some reason despite the keyboard have sầu no number pad. It’s likely khổng lồ have sầu been tied to the enter key since it serves the same function.



After collecting years of feedbaông chồng, Cooler Master has seem to lớn have sầu figured out that the best selling keyboards may just be the ones that vị the job and look cool without trying too hard. For the most part, the Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S is a success.

With three flavors of Cherry MX switches sewn inlớn a metal backplate, the keyboard is as durable as it is satisfying khổng lồ use while the brilliant RGB lighting injects a bit of life inlớn the otherwise boring chassis. The Masterkeys Pro S’s compact body toàn thân is also extremely easy khổng lồ carry và the detachable cable is a nice touch although, the L-shaped connector is definitely a bit out of the ordinary.

As far as software is concerned, the Masterkeys Pro S has a software utility, but it’s really more a lighting configurator than a fully-fledged keyboard configuration suite like Razer’s Synapse or SteelSeries Engine. All configuration except lighting must be done via key combinations. While this is relatively easy lớn figure out using the manual, it isn’t nearly as simple as firing up some keyboard configuration software. Of course, the reward for your patience is that all the custom settings are saved directly into the keyboard, never needing a separate software to lớn restore.

The biggest compromises you’ll be making with the Masterkeys Pro S is that the keyboard lacks any sort of extra features such as USB pass-through, audio pass through, or dedicated truyền thông media buttons.

With pricing hovering around the $135 range, the Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S is smachồng dab on the industry average for a RGB tenkeyless mechanical gaming keyboard.

Overall the Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S is a fantastic keyboard both inside and out. It’s simple, it’s portable, it’s durable, and you get the all important RGB backlighting. Aside from that, there really isn’t much else that can be said considering its sheer simplithành phố, but maybe there doesn’t need lớn be.