Altium designer 14

In this article we will explain step by step how khổng lồ free tải về, install and license Altium Designer on your PC. Available Altium versions for downloading are:

19.1.8; 19.1.7; 19.1.6; 19.1.5; 19.0.15; 19.0.14; 19.0.12; 19.0.10;

18.1.11; 18.1.9; 18.1.7; 18.1.6; 18.0.12; 18.0.11;

17.1.9; 17.1.6; 17.1.5; 17.0.9; 17.0.8; 17.0.7; 17.0.6;

16.1.12; 16.1.11; 16.1.10; 16.1.9; 16.1.8; 16.1.7; 16.0.9; 16.0.8; 16.0.6; 16.0.5;

15.1.16; 15.1.15; 15.1.14; 15.1.13; 15.1.12; 15.1.9; 15.1.8; 15.0.15; 15.0.14; 15.0.8; 15.0.7;

14.3.20; 14.3.19; 14.3.18; 14.3.17; 14.3.16; 14.3.15; 14.3.14; 14.3.13; 14.2.5; 14.2.4; 14.2.3; 14.1.5; 14.0.9;


Create a free tài khoản on Altium live sầu site

Before we start, you should create an account on Altium live site. You can create it via the link:


Login on Altium live site

After you join Altium Live sầu, a global community of engineers và designers, you should login via the link:

See image below for the details.

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Download Altium Designer

Now you can download Altium Designer from the page.

See image below for the details.


Run Altium Designer Installer

When tệp tin downloading is finished, you should run Altium Designer 18 Installer on your Windows by clicking on Yes. See image below for the details.


Window Welcome khổng lồ Altium Designer Installer will appear on the screen. Click on the Next button. See image below for the details.

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The next step is lớn select Design Functionality và click on the Next button. See image below for the details.


Select the folders where the software và documents will be installed. By default Program files will be installed on C:Program FilesAltiumAD18. By default Shared Documents will be installed on C:UsersPublicDocumentsAltiumAD18. Cliông xã on the Next button. See image below for the details.


After a few minutes Installation Complete window will appear. You have successfully installed Altium Designer on your computer. You can kiểm tra Run Altium Designer and clichồng finish khổng lồ exit the installation wizard. See image below for the details.


License Altium Designer

Windows will run Altium Designer for the first time and License Management window will appear. In this moment you are not using a valid license. Cliông chồng Sign in lớn retrieve the list of available licenses. Here you should add standalone license tệp tin with licence key/number or setup private license server. See image below for the details.

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Enjoy using Altium Designer!

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