<UPDATE (April 2015) – The new Adobe Lightroom 6/CC release is now shipping! download a không tính phí trial instantly or check out what’s new in Lightroom 6 vs. 5.>

Yes – the final Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 is just out & now shipping! Pretty much on the time­frame we forecast, you can download a miễn phí trial today… và the new hàng hóa will work side-by-side with any previous releases of Lightroom you may own. If you have an earlier version installed on your system(s), Lightroom 5 will ask if you’d like to tăng cấp your catalog và copy everything over.

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After a một nửa price drop for LR4, the price for Lightroom 5 standalone continues khổng lồ be US$149 for the full version, and $79 khổng lồ upgrade from any previous release (LR1, LR2, LR3, or LR4)… Students and teachers can get the full education edition for $79.

If you’ve joined the Creative Cloud, then the full release of Lightroom 5 is already available for you to download and use now as part of your membership – it comes automatically & at no additional cost.

Install now: Get all new Creative Cloud 2022 direct download links and miễn phí trials.

Also, if you happened to purchase Lightroom 4 within the past 30 days, then if you like you can return it under Adobe’s Refund Policy và order Lightroom 5 instead. It’s not an official “grace period,” but it works.

Lightroom 5 is designed for Windows 7, Windows 8, và Mac OS v10.7 or v10.8 (see full system requirements). LR5 is sold as multiplatform software, meaning it can be installed on either Mac OS X or Windows & will deliver the same features & functions on both. & similar khổng lồ Adobe CC, you may be able lớn install Lightroom on up khổng lồ two computers, subject to lớn the terms of the software license agreement.

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What’s New in Lightroom 5? Compare vs. LR4

Here’s the quick hit danh mục of what’s new – for more details kiểm tra out the Photoshop Blog or the “LR5 đứng top 5” đoạn clip further below:

Smart Previews – Edit và showcase your images while offline from the originals.Radial Filter – Apply any of LR’s local adjustment attributes with a circular mask.New Visualize Spots Tool – Highlights sensor dust spots for easy removal.Slideshows with Videos & Still Images – Bring images, video clip clips và music together.Improved Photo Book Creation – Customize with templates, captions, & more.PNG tệp tin SupportTrue Full Screen ModeLAB màu sắc ReadoutPublish Work Directly lớn BehanceUser Configurable Grid Overlays

What’s different in the final release compared to lớn the recent LR5 beta version? The product team cites two additional feature updates, plus “Over 400 bugs found & fixed! (Thank you Lightroom 5 beta customers!)”

Special: Legally tải về dozens of miễn phí Adobe books for a limited time!

Adobe Lightroom 5 Direct tải về Links

More DirectDownload Links
CC 2022
CC 2019
Lightroom 6/CC
Acrobat DC 2022
Captivate 2019
Elements 2022

Here are the direct liên kết to instantly download the Lightroom 5 không lấy phí trials for both PC và Mac, without any download manager or assistant… The trial version is fully-functional for 30 days, and can be converted for ongoing use (without needing khổng lồ reinstall) by entering a valid purchased serial number. You can also download the LR5 trials via a free Creative Cloud membership.

Product languages available today include English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, & Chinese.

So without further ado, here are the Lightroom 5 direct links:

On Windows it’s a universal installer that includes and supports both the 32-bit & 64-bit versions.

Learn How khổng lồ Use Lightroom 5 for Free

For starters, there’s a terrific new Lightroom 5 book you can tải về – completely free!

Below also is a great clip review from Creative Evangelist Terry White lớn help get you started… In addition, Julieanne Kost has over 3 hours of miễn phí training that takes you in-depth with the new features, workflows, và enhancements that are included with the release of Lightroom 5.

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