Microsoft has released Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, which is the latest integrated development environment IDE for .NET Framework developers last week.First I get the không tính tiền Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 download for Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate edition from MSDN.I download Visual Studio 2010 ISO file VS2010 Ultimate edition which includes Visual Studio 2010 full features.MSDN subscribers can also không tính tiền download other VS2010 editions according to their requirements and needs.

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UPDATE: Unfortunately, the trial editions of Visual Studio 2010 are not available any more. So I"ve removed the download links.

Try Visual Studio 2010 không lấy phí for 90 Days

.NET Framework developers can use this powerful development tool and kiểm tra the VS2010 features for a limited period by downloading the full Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 trial versions. Each Visual Studio 2010 download can be evaluated for 90 days for không lấy phí without any limitations.But after the 30 days of following the installation, developers should register the VS2010 lớn obtain a không tính tiền key which will let them try the Visual Studio 2010 edition for an additional 60 days period.

If you are looking for trial Visual Studio 2010 download link, please kiểm tra the below Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 miễn phí download links for each VS2010 edition including the Visual Studio Team Foundation server 2010You can easily download Visual Studio 2010 thiết đặt files from supplied download links.

It is important to chú ý that the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 iso files vary from 408 MB to 2.28 GB according to the VS2010 Edition download.It is also possible khổng lồ start VS2010 installation over the website using Visual Studio 2010 installer.

UPDATE: After installing VS2010, Visual Studio developers can also tải về Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SP1 beginning from the public release date 10 Mar 2011.

Here is the Visual Studio 2010 downloads for không tính phí trial for 90 days.Each Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 miễn phí download liên kết enables Visual Studio developers to download and install VS2010 & to work on Visual Studio 2010 for a period of 90 days for free.Follow the tải về links for miễn phí download Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 editions.

Download Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate enables teams & developers as well as software architects, lớn architect, build, test, debug, và manage their software solutions within one tool.I consider the VS2010 Ultimate Edition as Visual Studio 2010 full feature edition since it has every feature lượt thích SQL server Developer Edition for sql professionals.The web installer download of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate has a kích cỡ of 4.5 MB available at URL the ISO tệp tin of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 tải về of Ultimate edition is 2.28 GB size. Follow tải về link


Download Visual Studio 2010 Professional

By downloading Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional edition & installing the trial version, developers can try the build, test và debugging solutions of VS2010 Pro.You can tải về Visual Studio 2010 Professional web Installer which has about 4.3 MB form size using this tải về link.For Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 tải về of Professional edition which is as VS2010 ISO file with 2.19 GB kích cỡ following download link


Download Visual Studio 2010 Premium

Additional lớn build, test, và debug solutions of VS2010 Professional edition the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Premium enables teams and individual developers lớn manage their software solutions.Developers can tải về Visual Studio 2010 Premium web installer which is 4.5 MB in kích cỡ following the download link the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Premium tải về ISO file with a total kích thước of 2.27 GB is available at the tải về url


Download Visual Studio kiểm tra Professional 2010

Test procedure is one of the most important processes that affect the software chất lượng assurance.With the awareness of development teams, testing is getting more importance & teams or developers are looking for automotization testing tools for their requirements.Visual Studio thử nghiệm Professional 2010 is a hàng hóa that challenges lớn help demo teams and testing developers khổng lồ debug code & collaborate the results with development teams.Download Visual Studio 2010 chạy thử Professional website installer from this download address.And download Visual Studio 2010 thử nghiệm Professional iso tệp tin with a form size of 408 MB from this download link.

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Download Visual Studio Team Foundation hệ thống 2010

For software development teams that are built from project managers, architects, analysts, developers and testers, không lấy phí Visual Studio Team Foundation hệ thống 2010 download is available at here.The total size of the .iso file of Visual Studio 2010 Team Foundation hệ thống is about 1.56 GB


Visual Studio 2012 Download update:Microsoft released the most recent Visual Studio development tool IDE, Visual Studio 2012 for Microsoft .NET Framework developers on 29th of May, 2012 as release candidate (RC) version.IT professionals can find miễn phí download link at Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 download for this most recent build of Microsoft Visual Studio.