Visual Studio provides the most comprehensive solution lớn easily deliver applications across all Microsoft platforms, including phone, desktop, tablet, server, và the cloud. With an included MSDN subscription, you get access lớn thousands of Microsoft products & additional services—so you have everything you need for designing, developing, & testing your applications on a variety of platforms also there are a lot improvements provided in the latest visual studio 2015.

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Features of Microsoft Visual StudiosQuickly get the information you need, in contexVisualize the structure of an application with UML diagramsReceive the MSDN Subscription cấp độ for Visual StudioDescribe & enforce architectural dependenciesUse tools lớn understand the relationships in existing codeOnline tutorials to lớn learn the visual studio tools và all programmingand many more in newly build visual studio 2015What’s New ?This update 5 is the latest in a cumulative series of feature additions và bug fixes for Visual Studio 2013.How khổng lồ Activate?Download và Install any version of visual studio 2013Run the installed visual studio 2013 (any version)Click the help button from toolbar and go to register sản phẩm optionClick the change my sản phẩm licence & enter the given key of respective versionsYou have fully access to your microsoft visual studio 2013 ( your desired version)Done !!! Enjoy

Important chú ý !You can use any key provided for update 5Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Keys87DQC-G8CYR-CRPJ4-QX9K8-RFV2B ( Ultimate Version)KCQWK-Q43V3-M3F2T-83VGV-Y6VTX (Professional Version)TTDB9-9YPYH-7FBVY-X2CTQ-D8F2H (Test Professional Version)P27TG-XXX2W-XK8TK-QD9FK-V36W4 (Premium & Express Version)6T3MC-YX8XF-7CWXW-462TQ-8G2B4 (Team Foundation Server)DownloadsMicrosoft Visual Studio 2013Professional (2.8 GB) | Mirror| Mirror 1Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Premium(2.8GB) | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Team Foundation hệ thống Express(506MB) | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate(2.8GB) | MirrorMicrosoft Visual Studio 2013 Update 5(6.0 GB) | Mirror | Mirror 1

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Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 With Update 5 Keys+Setups
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