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I have a Resharper 9x license and it is only compatible up khổng lồ MS VS Community năm ngoái edition. I tried khổng lồ download the 2015 version from Microsoft but their trang web stubbornly wants me to lớn have sầu 2017, only. Can someone please provide me a url to lớn the năm ngoái edition? Or, explain how khổng lồ navigate Microsoft"s site khổng lồ obtain the 2015 edition?

Update on solution

1) vs_community.exe pháo is the download filename for any version, 2015, 2017, etc. You will not know which version it is until you click the .exe pháo. You will then see the version in the title of the installer.

2) There is a url trick lớn get the version that you want.

...change the rel=15 to rel=17 etc

Or use the liên kết provided in the answer below

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You can use these link lớn download Visual Studio 2015

Community Edition:

And for anyone in the future who might be looking for the other editions here are the link for them as well:

Professional Edition:

Enterprise Edition:

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The "official" way lớn get the vs2015 is to go to ; join the " Visual Studio Dev Essentials" và then tìm kiếm the relevant tệp tin khổng lồ download

answered Feb 12 "18 at 9:16

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