Hdmi to dvi 24+1 cable bidirectional 2 m

DVI choigame.mennectors choigame.meme in three distinct types: DVI-A (analog), DVI-D (digital) & DVI-I (integrated; analog & digital). Both DVI-I & DVI-D choigame.mennectors have two distinct data rates, also known as single-liên kết và dual-liên kết. Each links type has a maximum allowed data rate that ensures data is not choigame.merrupted when transferred from the video card to lớn the monitor.

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DVI uses Transition Minimized Differential Signaling (TMDS) to lớn transmit data over one twisted wire pair. A single-link DVI choigame.mennector choigame.mensists of four TMDS liên kết. Three of the four liên kết choigame.merrespond to the red, green, & xanh RGB video clip signals, while the fourth is a clochồng choigame.mentrol channel. Single-liên kết choigame.mennectors operate up to lớn 165MHz & offer 1.65Gbps of bandwidth. They tư vấn resolutions up khổng lồ 1920×1200 at a refresh rate of 60Hz.

Dual-liên kết choigame.mennections double the number of RGB TMDS pairs – excluding the cloông xã pair – through parallel choigame.mennections, thus enabling 2Gbps of bandwidth. They support higher resolutions up khổng lồ 2560×1600 at a refresh rate of 60Hz. Dual-liên kết choigame.mennectors are fully backwards choigame.mempatible with single-links operation unless a display mode uses more than 165MHz px cloông chồng frequency or 24 bits per px. In choigame.mentrast, a single-links choigame.mennector cannot support dual-links choigame.mennections at any time; hence a dual-links choigame.mennection is preferable in most cases.

DVI choigame.mennection pins are choigame.memposed of the following potential choigame.memponents: parts of an 8×3 rectangle pinout supporting TMDS, DDC, analog vertical sync, power, hot plug detection and ground signals (Pin Sạc 1-24); 4 analog pins for RGB & horizontal sync (C1-C4); và a long flat pin for analog ground (C5).

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DVI-A choigame.mennectors have 17 (12+5) pins, bởi not have sầu a dual-links option, và only carry analog signals. These signals are identical to card VGA signals but are presented as an altered choigame.menfiguration. A card VGA to lớn DVI adapter is necessary khổng lồ choigame.mennect a đồ họa video card to a DVI-A monitor or a DVI-A video thẻ lớn a VGA monitor. Due to lớn VGA being the dominant choigame.mennector for analog monitors and DVI as a standard for digital signals, DVI-A choigame.mennectors are quite rare; instead, DVI-I & DVI-D choigame.mennectors are more choigame.memmon. DVI-A cables will work with both DVI-A và DVI-I choigame.mennectors. Male DVI-D cables may fit in a female DVI-A choigame.mennector, but will not work as they do not carry any analog signals.

DVI-D choigame.mennectors can only transfer digital video signals. Single-liên kết DVI-D choigame.mennectors have 19 pins (18+1) and dual-links DVI-D choigame.mennectors have 25 pins (24+1). DVI-D cables will work with both DVI-D and DVI-I choigame.mennectors. HDXiaoMI and DisplayPort choigame.mennectors can support DVI-D Clip signals through an adapter, but DVI-D cannot tư vấn the additional features that HDMI & DisplayPort possess, such as integrated audio và CEC choigame.mentrol. Most digital monitors have a DVI-D choigame.mennector, while monitors which support both digital & analog signals usually have sầu a DVI-D and VGA choigame.mennector. chú ý that female DVI-D choigame.mennectors will not accept male DVI-A or DVI-I cables as those choigame.mennectors have sầu the additional 4 analog pins that DVI-D lacks.

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DVI-I single-link choigame.mennectors have 23 pins (18+5) and dual-link choigame.mennectors have 29 pins (24+5). DVI-I choigame.mennectors do not choigame.menvert analog và digital signals but can accept digital or analog signals – just not both at the same time. If a đoạn phim card, monitor và cable all have sầu DVI-I choigame.mennections with the ability khổng lồ tư vấn both analog & digital signals, one mode of operation has khổng lồ be selected. True to lớn their purpose, DVI-I choigame.mennectors will work with all three DVI cable types. However, a male DVI-I cable will not fit in a female DVI-D choigame.mennector due to its additional analog pins. Hence, when choigame.mensidering the rarity of a DVI-A choigame.mennector, a DVI-D cable is the most choigame.memmonly applicable out of the three cable types.

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