Change your permanent Google Play Store country.Change your Google Play country temporarily via a VPN.How to unblock Google Play StoreFix Google Play country not changing problem.

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Do this lớn change your Play Store region in 5 minutes:

Log in to lớn the VPN app & connect to, for instance, a US server.Open your Android Settings > go to lớn apps.Find Google Play Store và tap it.Tap on Force stop, under storage, hit Clear cache, and also clear data.Launch the Google Play Store and kiểm tra on paid apps.

Quick SummaryGoogle Play Store filters most apps through a geo-location basis and nội dung rights. Some apps are available in some regions, while they are not accessible in others. Additionally, different areas offer different billing methods. For a satisfying Google Play experience, you need to set the proper Google Play country.

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Change Your Permanent Google Play Country

This is necessary if you relocate to lớn a different country. The change will ensure your billing matches the country’s currency. You will also get access lớn apps available in your new country of residence.

It is advisable to lớn make the change while you are in the new country. You should also have a billing method compatible with that country.

What khổng lồ note:

Google allows you to change the permanent Google Play country after 12 months. If you don’t have plans to lớn wait for another year, use the temporary option.

After the change, you may thua kém access khổng lồ some of your games và apps, movies and TV shows, và even books. This might include some Play Pass apps. Although your Google Play Pass will still auto-renew, you won’t install additional Play Pass apps. You will have to cancel your subscription.

Lastly, you won’t be able khổng lồ use your Google Play balance linked lớn your previous country in the new country. It will be usable if you revert to lớn the previous country.

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Use the following steps khổng lồ change your permanent Google Play country.

On your Android

Launch the Google Play Store app.Tap your avatar to xuất hiện the menu.Tap on Settings > General > tài khoản Preferences.Under ‘Country và profiles,’ find your name và country.Next, địa chỉ your new country’s payment method. – If you have none, follow the on-screen instructions to add one. This will be linked lớn the new country.After adding the new country’s payment method, the change should occur automatically. At times you will have to lớn wait for up lớn 48 hours or sooner.You can also clear your Google Play Store app cache khổng lồ speed up the process.

On your Computer

Log into your account, then click Settings.Go to lớn Payments profile và click the edit pen icon next khổng lồ Country/Region.You will need to lớn create a payments profile for the new country:Click Create new profile.Follow the on-screen instructions lớn create the new profile.The new change should occur automatically. At times you will have to lớn wait for up khổng lồ 48 hours or sooner.You can also clear your Google Play Store tiện ích cache to lớn speed up the process.

Change your Google Play Country Using a VPN

This method changes your country temporarily. It is beneficial if you want to lớn access geo-restricted không tính phí apps, games, books, movies, & TV shows. You can browse paid apps, but you won’t install them via the Google Play Store.

This method relies on a VPN (Virtual Private Network) mechanism that hides your actual IP address. When you connect to lớn a VPN server, Google Play Store will see the server’s IP address. If you connect khổng lồ a US server, then your geo-location will be adjusted khổng lồ the US. You will get access to apps available in the US region.

Use the following steps khổng lồ change your Google Play country on android using a VPN service.

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Choose a reputable VPN – subscribe, download, & install it.Log in to lớn the VPN app và connect to, for instance, a US server.Open your Android Settings > go to apps.Find Google Play Store và tap it.Tap on Force stop, under storage, hit Clear cache, và also clear data.Launch the Google Play Store and check on paid apps.

If the currency symbol corresponds lớn the country of the hệ thống you chose, then you have successfully changed your Google Play country. Repeat the procedure if you want khổng lồ switch lớn other countries.

We recommend you use ExpressVPN. In our testing, this was the best performing VPN for unblocking the Google Play Store.

ExpressVPN is also extremely fast and is capable of unblocking other services a well such as YouTube, bbc iPlayer, Netflix, and more. It can also unblock websites not available on your network.

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Fix Google Play Country Not Changing Problem

Here are a few solutions on how you can fix this problem.

Clear your Google Play Store cache & data.Make sure Google Play Store is up to date.Delete your old payments profile (works for changing the permanent country).

Wrap Up

Changing your Google Play country is a hassle-free process with benefits. You will bypass geo-restrictions & gain access to lớn new apps and services. You may even get lower prices on certain paid apps. There are also promotional discounts in some countries.

The VPN method gives you a flexible option before you can commit to lớn one country.

I hope this guide about how to unblock Google Play Store was helpful. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

Additional things you can bởi with a VPN:


Does changing the Play store region affect my app android phone?

No. Changing the Google Play store region will not affect your phone negatively. You won’t even encounter any performance issues. Nonetheless, you will get access to lớn new applications. Also, you will have the opportunity lớn access apps that were restricted in your previous region.

Additionally, you might get discounts for premium apps.

What happens to your apps when you change your Play Store location?

Your installed apps won’t be affected in any way. You will continue using them, and they will receive updates when available. However, you may need to lớn cancel your Play Pass subscription apps. This is because you won’t be able khổng lồ install additional Play Pass apps from the previous region.

How many times can I change the Google Play store region?

This depends on the method you use in the region. If you use the payment method (permanent change), you will have to wait for one year before changing your region again. If you use the temporary method (via a VPN), you can switch to lớn various regions a couple of times.

Can Google ban you for changing your Google Play store region?

Changing your region is not an adequate reason for Google to lớn ban your account. Although, according khổng lồ Google’s terms of use, Google can terminate your trương mục if you misuse or interfere with its services. Usually, Google is concerned about misconducts such as hacking the Play Store or other attacks on its services.

Can I use a không tính phí VPN to lớn change the country or region on Google Play?

Yes, you can use some miễn phí VPNs and successfully change your Google Play region. However, this is not guaranteed as they may fail. Moreover, when you use a không lấy phí VPN, you might expose yourself khổng lồ other risks such as adware.

Free VPNs may also collect your data, offer limited bandwidth, and they may not be able to lớn bypass geo-restrictions.

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