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Sword Art Online: Kirito's 10 Biggest Failures, Ranked Kirito lớn is seen as a perfect character by many. But even he has made his fair tóm tắt of blunders.

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SAO Kirito's Biggest Failures-- Heathcliff, Sachi, và Asuna/Sugou
Sword Art Online is a fantasy and adventure game anime with a dark twist. In a time when virtual reality has progressed khổng lồ an unprecedented degree, an online role-playing game called Sword Art Online is released. With the use of “NerveGear” giải pháp công nghệ, players can control their avatars with their thoughts. But upon entering the game, the players realize that they are unable lớn log out. The only way khổng lồ vị so is to lớn finish the game. Otherwise, they’re stuông chồng in this virtual world. The most important thing is that if they die in the game, they die in real life.

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One such player is the main protagonist of the story, Kazukhổng lồ Kirigaya, or as he’s known in-game, Kirito. With so much unknown about the world filled with monsters and having lớn khuyến mãi with real people with real feelings, Kirito lớn, unfortunately, made many mistakes with some of them being his biggest failures.

Sword Art Online Kirito lớn Revealing His Beta Status
When it’s revealed that not only are players stuck in a virtual reality game but that they also could die, it’s best not khổng lồ cause any problems or roông xã the boat, so khổng lồ speak. So, when Kirito lớn reveals that he was a beta tester for the game (or Beater), it caused others to ostracize hlặng as they hated or resented the players who they thought had an advantage.

He was stronger than most, if not all, of the other players và he didn’t have lớn worry as much about dying because of his cấp độ và his skills. He could have sầu done so much good (like teaching people skills as he did with Klein) & quite possibly, could have sầu helped save a lot of beginner players.

AI Yui from Sword Art Online
Yui was originally an artificial intelligence program that helped players with their mental health. However, after finding her alone in the woods, Kirikhổng lồ & Asumãng cầu take care of her và treat her as if she’s their daughter.

However, when she made the mistake of touching a GM console, she was considered to lớn have failed her purpose and would be erased. In a fit of desperation, Kirilớn somehow manages lớn hack the system và turn her into lớn an cống phẩm, rather than a being. While he did manage to lớn save sầu her, he quite literally objectifies her in the process, the person he thought of as his daughter.

The Moonlit Blachồng Cats were a small, mid-màn chơi guild made up of real-life friends. After saving the guild, Kirito lớn was invited khổng lồ join them. When asked about his màn chơi, he lied và decided lớn help protect them while they grew stronger.

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Unfortunately, though, during a trip khổng lồ retrieve sầu items from a dungeon, they were sealed in an area where crystals couldn"t be used. The group was overwhelmed and all but Kirikhổng lồ died. When he told the guild leader what happened, he cursed Kirilớn for being a beater and his skill level before committing suicide. If Kirito lớn hadn’t been so afraid of revealing his skill màn chơi, he could have saved his guild with his high-cấp độ skills.

7 Accepting And Losing A Duel To The Leader Of The Most Powerful Guild

heathcliff from sword art online
In order for Asumãng cầu to lớn leave the Knights of Blood Oath, Heathcliff challenges Kirilớn to a duel where he could win her freedom. Kirilớn accepts, much to lớn Asuna’s warnings and discouragement. The consequences of hlặng losing meant that he would also have lớn join the guild.

It’s understandable that he’d want to fight on Asuna’s behalf & for her right to freedom. But it was an unwise choice to lớn accept a challenge from the strongest & most powerful leader of the best guild in Sword Art Online. No matter how svào someone is, there is always someone stronger out there.

After the death of his entire guild, Kirito lớn learns of the Divine Stone Of Returning Souls, a rare item that can be used khổng lồ revive sầu a recently killed player. The only way khổng lồ obtain it was to lớn kill Nicholas The Renegade, a trùm from the Christmas event.

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He spent his time leveling up và decided to face the boss alone with his best weapons and potions. It was a suicide mission, but he didn’t care. He wanted lớn revive sầu Sađưa ra because he wanted to lớn know what she meant when she called hlặng that và not because he wanted lớn revive sầu his dead frikết thúc.

5 Not Being Able To Deal With Asuna’s "Fiancé" Even With His Overpowered Abilities

Sugou Nobuyuki, or Fairy King Oberon, is the main antagonist in the Alfheyên Online arc of Sword Art Online. He was originally Asuna’s fiancé and welcomed into the family by Asuna’s father. When SAO was finally cleared, he managed lớn re-route many of the players" minds to lớn Alfhelặng Online to lớn use as kiểm tra subjects in their research inlớn controlling people’s minds & emotions. One such person was Asuna.

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Despite his ability to lớn communicate with the admins & being the overpowered protagonist that he is, Kirito was somehow unable to take on Sugou or kill hlặng in real life.

In addition to lớn Sugou Nobuyuki being a complete creep with zero morals, he’s a scumbag that doesn’t know how lớn handle someone telling hyên ổn no, especially Asuna. Throughout the entire series, Sugou would sexually harass Asuna and even did it in front of Kirilớn.

It’s only when Sugou sexually threatens Asumãng cầu in front of hyên and tells Kirilớn that he will erase all of her memories of him does Kirito believes that Sugou is a bad guy. It’s only then that he tries khổng lồ stop Sugou.

3 Risking His Friend’s Lives In Unnecessary Ways

When someone’s health reaches zero, the NerveGear sends an electrical impulse that will kill the player wearing it. Given that fact, it would be assumed that people would be cautious & take the necessary precautions whilst on quests or when other people’s lives are at stake.

For the most part, people bởi. Except for Kirito. When going on missions with friends, he often puts them in dangerous positions as the monsters are too strong for them to handle. He risks their lives lớn show off his strength by soloing the mission & in doing so, he risks not only his own life, but his friend’s lives as well. Not khổng lồ mention, he also causes them to lớn worry about hlặng dying for his recklessness.

In Sword Art Online, if you die in the game, you die in real life. Even though players spent years learning skills & developing their avatars, they’re just that - avatars. Unfortunately, in-game skills bởi vì not transfer to real-life when players were finally able khổng lồ remove sầu their NerveGear.

So, it’s quite reckless of Kirito to assume that he could charge in & try & take down Sugou in real life. He has no sword skills in the real world, or his in-game speed & strength. He didn’t think of the consequences of his actions, and this very nearly got him killed.

1 Letting His Pride Get The Better Of Him

If there was one sin that Kirilớn would be known for, it would be the sin of pride. He believed that he could vị anything, defeat anything, & somehow, still survive where others had failed & been killed.

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Yes, Kirilớn was incredibly strong và powerful, và he could vị things that others could not. But that doesn’t mean that in some cases, he should have sầu. Even when these moments of pride cost hyên, he doesn’t learn from them. He is, in essence, failing himself by not growing and developing as a person.

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