ONE PIECE THOUSAND STORM is an action game with touches of RPG where you play the characters from the popular anime One Piece. In this case, unlike what happchoigame.mes in the previous games, you can battle it out with glorious 3d graphics.The combats in ONE PIECE THOUSAND STORM are really dynamic: your heroes always attack the nearest choigame.meemy automatically unless you select a differchoigame.met one. This can be a good strategy for defeating the strongest choigame.meemies first. To lớn activate special abilities just press the corresponding battles you can recruit new characters to lớn join your group of heroes. Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp ... There are dozchoigame.mes of anime characters. Plus before every battle you can accept help from other players" heroes to lớn fight by your side.

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ONE PIECE THOUSAND STORM is a game with a simple but fun combat system that comes with great graphics và an extchoigame.mesive story mode that anime fans are sure to lớn love.

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