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Here's What I'm now using instead of the hacked items:

Cast rate is in the toilet, need res badly (in hell) so currently one ring is *just* all res +15 :/, loads of other issues. MF has become a priority so I do have some MF items I'll throw on that get me to lớn somewhere around 300+ MF (finally for the Lem a while back for "Wealth" RW). Been doing LK runs, a few hell meph runs on players1, because ow, & arcane runs
players2, sometimes players3. Any suggestions? I've got some new runes, including a Sur (first legit HR ever! Woohoo!), Pul, Lem, Fal, Mal, Io, Ko, no Lo's.... Và everything below in multiples.

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Now that I know what grailing is I now know that, indeed, I've been grailing since waaay back in the day, never once completed though (surprise, surprise). I have a bunch of set và uniques but not a lot of really high stuff. I think 3 Mal set, a couple Trang, M'avina(?), IK Gauntlets... Would love to give my lvl 76-ish barb the IK set...

Any suggestions helps! Thanks all!


One thing, only odd players setting will increase drops from non-boss enemies. So doing p2 Arcane will get you the same drops as p1 but the enemies will have more hp and dmg. P3, 5, and 7 are what you want depending on your kill speed.

Your gear is looking decent, but yeah getting cast rate & res early on can be tough. One possibility is going back lớn NM & farming either Andy or Meph for a Vipermagi; 30% FCR, 20-35 all res và +1 skills is really hard to lớn beat until you get to lớn the really endgame armors.

And grats on the Sur! That's a big rune, will definitely help you a lot in the future since you can cube it with another one khổng lồ make a Ber.

I have three Viper Magi! A 23, 25 & 28. Worth it lớn use my last Lem khổng lồ bump it up? Also, that drops my res significantly. Not that I get hit often but when I do... Ow.

Edit: hit*

Good looking out on the odd player settings, def good to lớn know! So I should be doing my LK runs at player 5, not players6 lượt thích I have been?

first thing i see is that you have way too much room in your inventory.i would stack my inventory with any charms with any resist or hp untill i find upgrades for their places.. 8spaces + horadric cube is how i usually have before finding replacements for all charms. Then i get rid of tome of townportal and địa chỉ cửa hàng tp scrolls to belt and id tome to horadric cube.

The armor ur using has movespeed penalty, avoid using bases with lower move speed.

U could make ancient pledge shield untill u get spirit.

Maybe if u’ll find some more small charms would be good. I like running arcane for charms.

Maybe swap nagel for resist ring untill u get stronger.

But ur mf is starting to look good. If u are able to lớn farm welll i say keep at it.

Sure that’s true. But a sorceress never has khổng lồ walk except in town... Good advice for other characters though.

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Kill Speed>MF. Work on getting your character lined out(resists/fcr/damage) then địa chỉ cửa hàng in MF where you can.


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