HID-Compliant Mouse Not Working Overview

HID devices out of work is very comtháng on different computers, for instance, HID-compliant mouse does not work on Windows 10. For some people, other HID-compliant devices problem can also come khổng lồ you as well when you connect HID device, such as Dell HID-compliant mouse, to the PC.

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Just lượt thích mouse cursor missing on the desktop, HID-compliant mouse missing can also be rather annoying, which means the mouse cannot work properly on your PC.

Some users have sầu no idea about the Logitech HID-compliant mouse on Windows 10, let alone know how lớn fix hid-compliant mouse not working error.

What is HID-Compliant Mouse?

HID refers khổng lồ Human Interface Device. And the HID-compliant devices often belong lớn the human đầu vào and output, such as the USB mouse, USB Pen và USB keyboard. So all the USB mouse will be a HID-Compliant device such as Logitech MX Master. Therefore, the USB mouse not working can also belong to lớn a kind of HID devices problems. At the time you connect your Logitech HID-compliant mouse to lớn PC, Windows 10 would prompt you that a hid device is recognized.

Why would Logitech HID-Compliant mouse stop working?

The reasons for HID device of Dell or any other mouse failed khổng lồ work can be mainly divided inkhổng lồ two parts.

The first one is the HID-compliant mouse driver Windows 10.

Sometimes,the HID device is missing in device manager. That is why the USB mouse or Logitech wireless mouse would not be recognized, thus not working on Windows 10. Under this circumstance, you need to update Logitech Hid-compliant mouse driver and install it on your PC.

The other one is the HID devices condition.

No matter you are using HID-compliant mouse or touch screen, Logitech or Dell, when the HID device physical condition goes wrong, you will meet Windows 10 Logitech mouse not working, which can be called a type of Human Interface device problem if yours is Logitech hid-compliant mouse.

Hence, khổng lồ get HID mouse bachồng lớn máy tính xách tay or desktop, you are supposed to check HID-compliant mouse hardware condition và download HID-compliant mouse driver for Windows 10 to lớn see if lớn install an HID-compliant device driver can help.

5 Ways to lớn Fix HID-Compliant Mouse Not Working Windows 10

To help you solve Logitech or Dell HID-compliant mouse work failed error on Windows 10, you are suggested to refer to lớn the following five sầu ways, which can also be applied lớn other HID devices problem.


1: Check HID-Compliant Mouse Hardware

2: Uninstall HID-Compliant Mouse Driver

3: Install HID-Compliant Mouse Driver on Windows 10

4: Restart HID-Compliant Mouse Services

5: Uninstall KB4074588 Update

Solution 1: Cheông chồng HID-Compliant Mouse Hardware

To make sure your Human Interface Device Compliant mouse is in perfect condition and get the computer to lớn recognize the HID-compliant mouse, you should kiểm tra the following things to lớn make sure you have sầu the compatible HID device with Windows 10.

1. Chechồng Mouse port by plug another intact mouse inkhổng lồ this HID-Compliant mouse port.

2. Chechồng the HID-Compliant mouse by using it on another PC.

If you have sầu examined the HID device port, it can make other USB mouse work well and also the HID-compliant mouse can work well on another computer, which denotes that you are using the compatible HID mouse on Windows 10.

But if the HID-compliant mouse not working on Windows 10 remains on your computer, maybe it is the HID-compliant mouse driver issues that cause Windows 10 HID devices not working, on that occasion, you would better go on to fix Windows 10 HID-compliant driver.

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Solution 2: Uninstall HID-Compliant Mouse Driver

Just as discussed before, if your Logitech HID-compliant mouse driver is missing or corrupted on Windows 10, the HID-compliant mouse cannot work, too. In this way, you should uninstall the HID mouse driver in device manager & then download and install the HID-compliant mouse lakiểm tra driver.

1. xuất hiện Device Manager.

2. Expvà Mouse and other pointing devices.

3. Right cliông xã HID-Compliant mouse to Uninstall it.


4. Confirm Uninstall device. Here you need to lớn clichồng Uninstall lớn confirm the uninstalling.


5: Under Action, cliông xã Scan for hardware changes or you can just restart your PC to let Windows 10 automatically reinstall a new HID-Compliant mouse driver for you.

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In many cases, though Windows 10 can find the Logitech HID-compliant mouse driver for you, you will also find that it cannot get your HID-compliant mouse baông chồng lớn work correctly, for Windows 10 failed khổng lồ get the latest one for your HID-compliant mouse. You still cannot connect HID devices lớn a computer, such as HID-compliant mouse và HID-compliant keyboard.

Solution 3: Install HID-Compliant Mouse Driver on Windows 10

If you failed khổng lồ tải về the compatible or lakiểm tra Logitech HID-compliant mouse driver using the device manager, you can take advantage of Driver Booster to help you fix this problem.

Driver Booster is a professional and absolutely safe driver tool. With the help of it, it can automatically tải về the lathử nghiệm and advanced HID-compliant mouse driver & then you can install Windows 10 HID mouse driver with the instructions.

Download, install & run Driver Booster on your computer.

1. Click Scan. That is to lớn let Driver Booster scan your computer for any missing, corrupted or even damaged driver. Here if your HID-Compliant mouse is not working well on Windows 10, maybe you can see the HID-Compliant mouse driver showing up in Driver Booster scanning results.


2. Select Human Interface Device, & cliông xã Update.


You will find that Driver Booster helps you update lademo HID-compliant mouse driver, which makes your HID-compliant mouse out of work or unrecognized issue disappeared from Windows 10. As you have solved HID device has a driver problem for your PC, such as Dell, ASUS.

At that moment, you can finally fix your Windows 10 mouse issues if you have downloaded Windows 10 HID mouse driver for PC. While as for the HID-Compliant touchpad missing error, it is also feasible to use Driver Booster to help fix the HID device driver issue.

Solution 4: Restart HID-Compliant Mouse Services

Sometimes, if you have performed a device or program for a long time, it will go wrong without premonition. Similarly, once you have used HID-compliant device too much, The HID-complaint mouse keeps not working on Windows 10 or just stops working unwittingly. So you may as well try to restart the related services of HID-compliant mouse.

1. Input Services in the tìm kiếm box and cliông xã Enter to get inkhổng lồ Services window.

3. In Services window, locate Human Interface Devices Service và right clichồng it khổng lồ Restart it.


Then you can see that Windows 10 HID-compliant mouse get recognized or unable to lớn properly used error & is working well as you control it.

Solution 5: Uninstall KB4074588 Update

According to the reports from many users, after KB4074588 Windows 10 Update, HID-compliant mouse stopped working, in some cases, other HID devices, such as HID-Compliant keyboard, or HID-compliant touchpad can also be out of work.

In this way, it is wise and feasible khổng lồ remove sầu the KB4074588 updates so as to fix hid compliant mouse on Windows 10.

1. Go khổng lồ Start > Settings > Update & security.

2. Under Windows Update, cliông chồng Update history.


3. Choose to lớn Uninstall Updates.

4. All the Windows 10 updates will be available in the following window. Select the update KB4074588 & decide lớn Uninstall it.

5. Restart Now. You should restart your PC to lớn apply these changes.

When you log on khổng lồ Windows 10 again, you can try lớn connect Logitech HID-compliant mouse khổng lồ the computer and it is natural that the HID-compliant mouse failed lớn work issue after Windows 10 update KB4074588 has been resolved.

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However, once you find Windows 10 Hid devices problem persists, manage lớn enter safe mode khổng lồ detect the mouse issues in a minimal mix of programs.

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To conclude, this tutorial aims for teaching you how to fix the HID-Compliant mouse not working issue on Windows 10. You can try to uninstall và reinstall the Windows 10 HID-Compliant mouse driver manually or automatically by Driver Booster, the automatic driver downloading or updating tool. Or you can also choose khổng lồ restart the related services.

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