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Find out what it"s like growing up gay in Saigon và learn about LGBTQ rights in Vietnam in this interview with local boy Quan from Saigon.

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Vietnam giới is one of our favourite places we visited as a gay couple traveling in Asia. From delicious foods khổng lồ fantastic sites lượt thích Ha Long Bay, you"re spoilt rotten in terms of a destination rich with culture. Vietnam giới also has a more liberal attitude towards homosexuality, with large thriving LGBTQ communities in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and the capital in Saigon.

We found Vietnam to lớn be one of the most gay friendly countries in Asia. Locals were extremely friendly & welcoming to us, và getting a double bed was never an issue for us anywhere. However, Vietphái nam still has quite a way to lớn go with regards lớn its LGBTQ laws, lacking any for anti-discrimination or for recognising LGBTQ couples.

We met up with our buddy Quan in Saigon who gave us his perspective sầu of what gay life in Vietnam is really like for LGBTQ locals in this interview.


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Covered in this interview show
1Hello Quan, please introduce yourself:
2Are you openly gay to your family & friends?
3What"s it like growing up gay in Vietnam?
4Did you ever experience and bullying or homophobia growing up?
5How did you meet other guys growing up?
6What are the best gay bars in Saigon?
7What are the best gay clubs & parties in Saigon?
8Are there any good gay hotels in Saigon you recommend?
9What are the best gay events in Vietnam?
10Where are some of your favourite places lớn visit in Vietnam?
11How vì chưng you recommkết thúc LGBTQ travelers meet local guys?

Hello Quan, please introduce yourself:

Hi Stef và Seby.

My name is Quan Nguyen & I am 34 years old. I am a web designer living & working in Saigon.

Originally, I am from “Can Tho” in the Mekong Delta, but in my teenage years, my family moved to lớn Saigon.

I come from a Catholic family, which surprises most people because everyone assumes all Vietnamese are Buddhist. Catholicism is one of the many influences in Vietnam giới from the French.


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Are you openly gay to lớn your family & friends?

I am fully open lớn all my friends and family. It was a bit hard at first, especially with my mother because homosexuality is still taboo in Vietnamese society. However, after a lot of tears, yelling and discussions they started to lớn accept me for who I am.

Wise words from big sis!

I think for my mother, her main concern is my safety wellbeing và most of all my happiness in life. For example, she now worries about me growing old alone without anyone khổng lồ care for me in my old age.

With my old sister, I"m very cthảm bại. She"s always been accepting of me being gay và we always make jokes about finding husbands. Just the other day she said to me:

“you better clean up your room if you wanna find a good husband!!”

What"s it like growing up gay in Vietnam?

It was quite hard when I was younger because traditional Catholic Vietnamese society was not always so open and supportive sầu towards gays. Baông xã in those days, the Internet as we know it today simply didn"t exist & there were no queer hangouts around. At best, gay guys would seek each other out via well-known cruising spots or by friends of friends.

Today, of course, all that has changed, especially with the advent of Grindr & all the other gay dating apps over the past decade. We even have a growing gay scene in Saigon và Hanoi.

Also, with more visibility of successful LGBTQ persons in the truyền thông helps society see us as something normal và positive rather than as something wrong or an illness. For example, the former USA Ambassador to lớn Vietphái nam, Ted Osius is openly gay & was not shy about posing with his husb& & baby. Also, there have sầu been various notable LGBTQ Vietnamese movies made, such as “Madam Phung"s Last Journey” in năm trước, “Finding Phong” in 2017 & the “My Best Gay Friends” YouTube series in 2013, which went viral:

Did you ever experience and bullying or homophobia growing up?

Not really. At school a little bit because I hated sports và always hung out with the girls, so the guys in the football team would piông chồng on me for being a “sissy”. But that was just little boys being little boys & I don"t think they intended or even knew about homosexuality.

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Otherwise, I"ve sầu been very lucky khổng lồ avoid any homophobia. I"ll get the odd comment from senior members of my family about not having a girlfriend and not being married, but the older I get, the less frequently they make these remarks.

Meet Quan: cutie from Saigon!

How did you meet other guys growing up?

I was quite shy và nervous about meeting other guys when I was younger, so it was more down to lớn luchồng rather than me seeking it out. My first encounter with another man was with a friend in the school changing rooms. You see, I may have sầu been crap at sports, but I was always a star in the changing rooms!!

But for other gay guys growing up in the 1980s, 1990s và early 2000s, meeting other guys was a challenge. There were no gay hangouts, so at best they would go khổng lồ well-known cruising spots in the parks or public toilets. Before Grindr, dating sites like “Gaydar” and “Gayromeo” were very popular in Vietnam. Pool parties were also very popular growing up, & more so now. Rethành viên that the temperature in Saigon never drops below around 27 degrees (around 80 Fahrenheit).

Can you spot our Quan amongst this fabulous bunch?

What are the best gay bars in Saigon?

The staple gay bar of Saigon open every single evening is called The Tipsy Unicorn. They have sầu pool tables, daily happy hours between 4-8pm và a Trivia Night on Wednesday (the perfect night lớn go và hook up with handsome geeks!)

On weekends, the best gay bar in Saigon isThi Bar, which has gay nights on Friday and Saturday evenings. I usually head here first with my friends from around 9pm until midnight and then we go nhảy at Republic. But if you come before 9pm, they have sầu some really cheap happy hour đơn hàng.

In terms of restobar-type places, I recommkết thúc checking outPapa Cafe. It"s very popular for gay guys to lớn head to for food, cocktails and karaoke, usually in that order!

What are the best gay clubs & parties in Saigon?

On weekends after midnight, we head to our main gay club here in Saigon calledRepublic Lounge. I love it – this is the place to be! It"s always busy with a mix of locals và foreign guys. The music is a set of classic pop hits. They have a drag show on Friday evenings và a large dance buổi tiệc nhỏ with live music on Saturdays. Once I did my own show here as the very beautiful but super sassy: QUANITA (see phokhổng lồ above)!

I also recommkết thúc checking out the Full Disclosure events. Every few weeks they"ll organise a themed tiệc ngọt at different venues, eg Beyonce/Britney nights và Ru Paul"s Drag Race viewing parties. Cheông xã their Facebook page for up-to-date details of their next sự kiện.

And for gay guys looking for a hot time in a sauna, I recommkết thúc the NaDam Spa & the De.soi9 Sauna!

Cocktails with Quan at Republic gay bar in Saigon

Are there any good gay hotels in Saigon you recommend?

There are several highly rated gay hotels in Saigon, which have sầu been recommended to me by gay travelers visiting or are well-known locally as being gay friendly. The Reverie Saigon, is probably the most beautiful hotel in Saigon where gay couples & guys on their honeymoons are likely khổng lồ stay. It"s right in the centre in District 1 but it"s not cheap (around $260/£175 a night).

A more affordable gay hotel in Saigon lớn check out is the Beautiful Saigon Boutique Hotel, also in District 1. It"s got a really cool swimming pool & welcomes LGBTQ travelers. Prices are around $45/£30 for a double bed with breakfast.


Misterb&b is the Airbnb equivalent for the LGBTQ community. Unlượt thích on Airbnb, you know your host is gay, voiding any nasty surprises when you check in. It is also a great way to lớn meet gay locals và discover the underground gay scene. Cliông xã below khổng lồ get 10 € (or $10) off our first booking.

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What are the best gay events in Vietnam?

The Viet Pride in Hanoi is the most famous gay sự kiện in Vietnam. It has been taking place every August since 2012 and grows more popular each year. We also have sầu the Hanoi Queer Film Week every August.

In April, we celebrate the Buddhist New Year (Songkran) across Vietphái nam. The best celebrations are in Saigon when the entire LGBTQ community gets involved và gets very wet! The main sự kiện lớn look out for is called the “Thai Water Festival Songkran” organized by “Saigon Outcast”. Whilst it"s not an exclusively gay event, it always attracts a large group of both local guys and ex-pat gay guys living/working in the city.

Where are some of your favourite places khổng lồ visit in Vietnam?

My favourite place in Vietphái nam was Halong Bay in the North. It"s unique and our most famous site because of the emerald waters and thousands of towering limestone islands. It is surrounded by a rainforest area. The best way to lớn see it is on a romantic cruise with your lover.

Here in the South, the Cu Chi tunnels are the most fascinating thing to see. You can visit as part of a day trip from Saigon. They khung part of a much larger network of tunnels that go under most of the country, which were used by the Viet Cong soldiers as hiding spots during the war with the Americans.

I also love sầu Hoi An in the middle of the country. It has some of my favourite dishes (lượt thích Cao Lao and Bahn xeo) và is also cthua khổng lồ An Bang beach, which I love sầu visiting.

The view of Halong Bay during our cruise in the gorgeous region of Northern Vietnam

How vày you recommover LGBTQ travelers meet local guys?

Well, I always meet foreign guys in the gay bars & clubs of Saigon which I mix out above sầu. Obviously, apps like Grindr, Hornet, & Scruff will also help.

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For solo LGBTQ travelers who are shy, I recommkết thúc reaching out to a reputable LGBTQ tour company like Out Adventures who organize some excellent tours.

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