1. Reboot Windows

VirtualBox 6.1 may require a reboot after first run. Try lớn reboot your computer first.Bạn đang xem: Lỗi unable khổng lồ start the virtual device

2. VPN

If you use a VPN, please refer to choigame.me Desktop and VPN.

3. Hyper-V

4. VirtualBox Host-only issues

If none of the above worked or applies lớn you, try the following:

Open Windows Settings > Network & Internet > Change adapter optionsRight-click on VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet AdapterSelect DisableRight-click on theVirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter again & Select Enable

Bạn đang xem: Lỗi unable to start the virtual device


If it still does not work, please try this:

Open Settings > Network và Internet > Change adapter optionsRight-click on VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet AdapterClick on Properties and then ConfigureClick on the Driver tabClick on Update DriverSelect Browse my computer for drivers. Now choose Let me pick from a menu of available drivers on my computerSelectVirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapterfrom the list và click on NextClick Close to lớn finish the update

If it still fails, try khổng lồ remove all the VirtualBox Host-Only Adapter:

Xem thêm: Tt Thích Chân Quang Là Ai ? Sự Thật! Tiểu Sử Thầy Thích Chân Quang Bao Nhiêu Tuổi


5. Windows Defender

The Memory Integrity core Isolation feature of Windows Defender is known to lớn cause this type of errors. You may need to disable it before using choigame.me Desktop. For more information, please refer to lớn How lớn disable Memory integrity in Windows 10?

6. Re-install VirtualBox

If it still does not work, try to lớn remove and re-install VirtualBox:

Remove VirtualBoxRight-click on the installer & select Run As Administrator, even if your trương mục has admin rights.Reboot your PC

7. Downgrade VirtualBox

On some configurations, VirtualBox 6.1 is unable khổng lồ create a Host-only interface. If none the above worked for you, follow these steps:

Remove VirtualBoxRight-click on the installer and select Run As Administrator, even if your account has admin rightsReboot your PC

8. Switch khổng lồ our Cloud SaaS solution

Your Windows installation or user tài khoản may have parameters which are not compatible with VirtualBox. Khổng lồ avoid re-installing Windows entirely or using a different PC/OS, you may consider switching to lớn our choigame.me SaaS cloud solution:

choigame.me SaaS does not require any 3rd tiệc nhỏ softwareIt has the same features as choigame.me DesktopIt can be accessed from anywhere with any computer with a working network connection và compatible web browserIt is compatible with most IDE, such as android Studio or VSCode, via ADB

For more information, feel miễn phí to visit our website at https://www.choigame.me.com/ và choigame.me SaaS user guide.