Asus prime b450m


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Wish I had gotten a ATX board instead but I was on a tight budget so this was the best! gets the job done but maxes out at 3200Mhz for ram

For the HTPC the ability lớn connect 6 drives has been very handy. I have sầu 3 HDD, 2 SSD & an optical drive connected. A lot of other boards would only go up to 4.

Reviewing this based on the compatibility with my current build. If you toss a 3600 or anything less than that in here everything will be perfectly okay. If your budget is low & you just need a basic micro-atx board, this is one of the best out there. 6 USB total on the io, a couple are 3.0 as well. Overclocking is decent too và the btiện ích ios is user-friendly. If you have some decent pc speakers too I"d recommkết thúc downloading the audio manager, not sure if every board has something like that but it"s really nice.

A good budget motherboard which I carried over from my first build. Again, didn"t see much point in upgrading as it has everything that I needed for now. May tăng cấp this in the future when I get a better CPU. Similar lớn the CPU, this performs well for the price and would totally recommend.

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I don"t recommend it at all. It gets the job done, but it"s only got 2x 4 pin headers for fans which made it a pain, the money I spent on tín đồ splitters could have been spent on a better board

It"s Hãng Asus, its Great. My concerns are that there are no usb 2.0 ports in the in the bachồng & that there are no vrm heatsinks so i cannot push overclocking. But a simple fix is khổng lồ buy aftermarket ones i guess..

I like it, it"s premium when it"s your first build, for a mATX and my GPU, I don"t have any more PCIe slots.

It"s comparatively a lot cheaper.

I decided to use the Asus PRIME B450M-A Micro ATX motherboard for this build. While small, it packs in a bunch of features. Based on the 450 chipmix, it also has support for overclocking; taking advantage of the fact that Ryzen CPUs are unlocked. At the time of building, it was £59.99 on Amazon new. This can be bought here.

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I am a bạn of ASUS again thanks lớn my recent experiences with their motherboards, the A320-M dying on me notwithstanding. Excellent UEFI và the AI Tweaker overclocking is pure genius. The only knochồng against this micro-ATX motherboard is that ASUS inexplicably placed the PCI-e slot lớn take up the 2nd và 3rd case slots instead of the expected first and second which really didn"t make much sense to me especially since there is no standard PCI slot above it. This required me lớn remove the case"s HDD cage in order to lớn accomodate the graphics thẻ. No biggie, but a rather unexpected minor nuisance.

Overall a decent mobo considering the price, I still have to lớn see if there"s a way for me to lớn fit my networking card in beside my GPU but fair warning it"s a bit of a tight squeeze, I guess that"s what u expect with Micro ATX. Bquả táo was clean và easy, install was super quick

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