Under What Circumstances Will You Be Banned?

If you see violations, please report lớn usso that our censor can investigate the issue at once.

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How khổng lồ report:

You can do this by tapping on the user’sname or avatar or messages, navigating to the “Report” ibé on theupper left corner of user’s mini-protệp tin.

I Have Been Banned, What Should I Do?

If you are banned for over 72 hours, pleaselog out & re-login, then you’ll enter the Self-Unbanning Service page. Fillin the information in accordance with the instructions and submit the unbanningapplication, we’ll handle your appeal within 3 working days.

Community Convention of choigame.me LIVE

In order khổng lồ enhance thecommunity management of choigame.me LIVE và provide the users a healthy andharmonious platkhung for both talents show and appreciation, choigame.me Live reservesthe right to control violations in content and behavior.choigame.me Live users shall complywith the relevant local laws & regulations as well as Community Convention ofchoigame.me LIVE, otherwise, he or she would be punished for the violations, whichwould be graded by the choigame.me Live according khổng lồ a comprehensive evaluation of theviolation intention, time và other objective factors.This convention is applicablekhổng lồ all the community content, including but not limited to broadcasting,videos, pictures, user behavior, etc.The users could make an appealagainst the punishment.choigame.me Live sầu reserves the right offinal explanation of all the punishment.


In addition khổng lồ the User Agreement, pleaseread the regulations listed below. This convention would be amended from timekhổng lồ time according lớn the development of choigame.me LIVE community & platsize.


Broadcasting speech involving terrorism, extremism, war, và religion violations is not allowed.Promotion of sexual toys, aphrodisiac or posting misleading part-time job recruitment information is strictly prohibited.

General violations (Class B)

The Dress Code for Hosts:

Hosts should wear appropriately. Wearing noclothing or sexually suggestive sầu clothing is prohibited.

Tops: Underwear outside isprohibited.Bottoms: The hem of your skirtor shorts should not be above your hip.Men are not allowed bebare-chested.Showing bra or underpants isprohibited.Women are strictly forbidden toexpose deep cleavage.Skimpy outfits, see-throughlooks, flesh tights, fishnet stockings, garters, thongs, panties, briefs, lowwaist shorts or any clothes with sexually suggestive sầu meaning in text or graphsis not allowed.


Swimming suit is allowed whenbroadcasting on the beach or in the pool.Boxing/Gym: Shirtless is notallowed. Only vest or sports suit is acceptable.Rules of Conduct:All behavior while drinking or after drinking is prohibited.Smoking or drinking is not allowed.Any other indecent performance, sexually suggestive acts & voices are prohibitedRules of Speech:Defamation, abuse or verbal attachồng is prohibited.Harassment or molestation is prohibited.Any nội dung or activity involving pornography, sexual content to foster an indecent atmosphere is prohibited.Distributing unauthorized advertisements against state laws và choigame.me LIVE policies or illegal advertisements is prohibited. Illegal advertisement like adult products, guns, saber, crossbow, porn, care products, cigarette, aphrodisiac and venereal diseases treatment.Rules of Broadcasting Places & Circumstances:Restrictions on erotic entertainment venues like bath center.Singing & broadcasting erotic music is prohibited.No live sầu streaming on competing live sầu stream platforms.In addition khổng lồ rules above, other people’s inappropriate behavior & attire like smoking, shirtless, naked should be avoided in the camera when broadcasting.When broadcasting, hosts are not allowed to lớn broadcast negative content lượt thích sleeping, leaving camera for long time, blank screen or not showing up for long time.Broadcast or retransmission of live shows, movies or television programs without authorization is not allowed.

Content Instruction:

During broadcasting as guest,if conducting violation Class A or Class B, guest will be punished according toviolation of Class A or Class B.The platkhung rules apply tousers at all ages.If avatars and covers conductviolation of Class A or Class B, the avatars và covers will be banned andusers are forbidden to upload new avatars or covers in 24 hours or 1 hour.In counties where juvenilesbroadcasting is not allowed, juveniles are nmeiyot allowed to broadcast.

Breach of Agreement

Class A Violation

For the first time violation, choigame.me LIVE will terminate your tài khoản.

Class B Violation

For the first time violation, your trương mục will be suspended from broadcasting for 10 minutes.

For the second time violation, your trương mục will be suspended from broadcasting for 1 hour.

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For the third time violation, your tài khoản will be suspended from broadcasting for 1 day.