Mở khoá iphone 7

If you have an iPhone 7 locked because you don’t remember the password or because it was locked by iCloud, it is still possible to lớn unloông chồng it to lớn continue using it normally. The process is really simple and although it has some other disadvantages that we will tell you next, you can leave sầu the phone fully operational. Also for the iPhone 7 Plus this process will be valid.

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ContentsFirst of all, is it blocked by iCloud?If iPhone 7 is second handIf you forgot the security codeOn a Mac with macOS Catalina or laterOn a Mac with macOS Mojave or earlierOn a Windows PC

First of all, is it blocked by iCloud?

The iPhones have sầu a very useful functionality called “Find my iPhone” và that allows you to locate this device if it is lost and loông xã it when it is lost or stolen. However, this function can backfire if we suddenly found the phone and it had been previously blocked. The way to verify that this bloông chồng is present is as follows:
Go to the Apple websiteGo khổng lồ the Support section, located to the right of the upper bar.Press on iPhone.Select Repair options.Search & select Make an appointment or request service.Aý muốn the options that appear now you must cliông chồng on Repairs và physical damage.Choose any reason for repair.Enter your Apple ID.Enter the serial number or IMEI.It should be noted that this page is not really intended to discover if an iPhone is blocked, since it is aimed at opening an incident for damage to lớn the phone. However, you can tell us if the iPhone is blocked by iCloud, since a message would appear saying something similar to ” Sorry, but you cannot create a repair while the device is blocked”.And now what should you vì chưng if it is blocked by iCloud? Well, simply contact Apple khổng lồ indicate that you are the owner of the device & explain the situation so that they can help you unlock it. You may have sầu heard of programs or devices capable of unlocking an iPhone that is in this state, but in addition khổng lồ being illegal, they are not fully functional & often turn out to be scams.

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If iPhone 7 is second hand

Many times you can find yourself in the mood khổng lồ buy a second-hvà iPhone or that it reaches your hands as a gift from a family member or friend and that it is blocked. If the loông chồng is not from iCloud, but you are required to lớn enter an Apple ID to unloông chồng it, you must ask the person who sold or gave sầu you the phone to unloông xã it. This case is perhaps somewhat complex if the other person cannot approach in person, but in some way or another their data must be entered and therefore liên hệ with them is inevitable.Worse luchồng could be if the iPhone 7 is locked by iCloud, especially if it is second h&. Unfortunately, scams in this market abound và many times there are individuals or organized gangs that sell stolen devices, guaranteeing their smooth operation lớn the user. This case is already borderline và what you should bởi is file a complaint against that person who sold you the terminal.

If you forgot the security code

If the phone is yours và it is fully operational, but you vị not rethành viên the security code, it can be made functional again. The first thing we recommkết thúc is not khổng lồ enter the wrong code again, since the iPhone can be totally blocked if it is entered incorrectly a certain number of times. Therefore, once you no longer know what to vày to lớn use it, you must resort to lớn restoration.Something important to lớn know is that you will not be able lớn recover iPhone data unless they have been previously saved with a backup of the device. Unfortunately this backup cannot be done anymore if you don’t rethành viên the code. Once you have assumed this, you must have sầu a computer with which to carry out the restoration process.

On a Mac with macOS Catalimãng cầu or later

Connect the iPhone khổng lồ the Mac using its corresponding cable.xuất hiện a new Finder window .When the Mac has detected the iPhone, click on its name in its corresponding tab located on the left of the window.Clichồng on Restore backup if you have one on your Mac. If not, cliông chồng on Restore iPhone.

On a Mac with macOS Mojave sầu or earlier

Connect the iPhone lớn the Mac using its corresponding cable.xuất hiện iTunes.When the computer has detected the iPhone, you must click on its icon at the top of the window.Cliông chồng on Restore backup if you have sầu it on your computer. If not, click on Restore iPhone.

On a Windows PC

Connect iPhone to computer via cable.xuất hiện iTunes. You may have sầu to download it if you don’t have sầu it installed.When the computer has detected the iPhone, you must cliông chồng on its icon at the top of the window.Clichồng on Restore backup if you have one on your computer. If not, cliông xã on Restore iPhone.

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Regardless of which computer you use for this restoration process, it could take several minutes for it to lớn finish. It all depends on the amount of data to be erased và if your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus needs to lớn be updated to lớn a newer version of iOS. In any case, vì not disconnect the phone from the computer until it finishes. Once finished, you can use the device as normal, either with its backup or as a completely new phone if you did not restore a backup with your data.

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