Msi mpg x570 gaming plus am4 atx motherboard


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Being completely honest, I didn"t put much thought inlớn my motherboard purchase. Instead, I did what I always have sầu done: piông chồng an MSI gaming motherboard with an overclocking-capable chipset và a black-and-red color scheme in the $140 khổng lồ $180 price range, check the user đánh giá to make sure that other people seem khổng lồ lượt thích it, and buy (or, rather, in the case of this board, put it on my Amazon Christmas wishmenu và receive sầu it as a gift). I wasn"t sure whether or not I was going to lớn overclock my 5800X when I selected this board, but I was phối on X570 as I wanted to at least leave myself the option of overclocking, plus the beefier VRM inherent on an overclocking capable board and X570"s all PCIe 4.0 I/O were both good nice-to-haves.

Unfortunately, if I had bothered to lớn read reviews for this board published by actual tech publications, I would"ve sầu probably known that this board, as well as all of MSI"s sub-$200 X570 motherboards, suffer from a subpar VRM implementation, causing them khổng lồ run worryingly hot when paired with 105W TDP processors such as my shiny new 5800X. In some cases, according to testing done by Hardware Unboxed & der8auer, the VRMs on these boards would hit temperatures high enough khổng lồ not only significantly reduce the VRM lifespan, but to lớn also impact performance by forcing the VRM to throttle back the amount of voltage being supplied lớn the chip while under load.

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At least, that"s supposedly the case. In my experience running this board for the past two weeks, however, I have sầu been unable lớn get the VRMs on my board lớn hit anything remotely cthất bại khổng lồ the temperatures reported by the testing I"ve sầu seen. Sure, I have not overclocked my 5800X this far, but in various bức xúc tests I"ve run in Cinebench R23 & Prime95 small FFTs lasting from 20 minutes to lớn well over an hour, I"ve been able to sustain levels of power draw exceeding those which induced issues in the boards tested by Hardware Unboxed or der8auer, và I have sầu so far been unable khổng lồ bring my VRMs to lớn a temperature higher than 67 degrees according khổng lồ HWiNFO64 in those conditions.

Could I have sầu gotten some sort of unicorn sample that happens to have decent VRM thermals? Perhaps, but based on a discussion I had on the MSI Gaming subreddit, there is at least one other person with a relatively recently-purchased X570 MPG GAMING PLUS motherboard seeing similar performance as I am.

In terms of features, they are pretty standard for an MSI gaming board in this price point. The most notable missing features are the lachồng of an integrated I/O shield, & the absence of a front panel USB Type-C header, though in the case of the latter the board does at least have sầu two front panel USB 3.0 headers, meaning that you can use an adapter in one of them if you have sầu a case with front panel USB Type-C. Also, unlượt thích other MSI Gaming motherboards I"ve owned featuring MSI"s "Audio Boost" feature, the audio traces laông xã LED illumination, but, y"know, whatever.

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All-in-all, based on my personal experience with this board so far, I am comfortable giving it a solid four stars, albeit with the caveats that your mileage may vary, and that only time will be able khổng lồ tell if my good experience with the board so far will remain that way over the next couple years.

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