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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: 10 Underrated Moments That Aren't Talked About Enough Buffy the Vampire Slayer had some iconic scenes featuring big battles & epic romances, but the Scooby Gang had some memorable quiet moments too.

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A show like Buffy the Vampire Slayer is full of epic moments featuring the Scoobies & their big bad nemeses. From Buffy sacrificing herself to save the world khổng lồ Sunnydale High banding together lớn fight the Mayor khổng lồ tragic character deaths, these scenes live sầu rent-free in fans" minds.

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But what makes Buffy such a beloved show are the tender moments the characters giới thiệu. The Scooby Gang really is lượt thích a family và besides saving each other from vampires, demons, và the forces of darkness, they show their love for each other in subtle ways that deserve more credit.

Split image of Willow smiling và Cordelia with her hands on her hips
In season 1, nerdy Willow was absolutely terrified of Cordelia but still spoke up when the latter was gossiping about Buffy in the computer room. Cordy snapped baông chồng & Willow seemingly kept mum like the church mouse the school thought she was. But on her way out of class, she told Cordelia lớn save sầu her program by hitting "deliver." Cordelia then pressed the "del" key & watched in horror as all her hard work was erased.

Willow may have been just starting her character arc, but this scene proved that there was a fiery spark hidden beneath her terrible "90s clothes. By the series finale, Willow was debatably the most powerful character in the entire show — even more so than Buffy. But before she became a badass witch, Willow proved that just because she is quiet and bookish doesn"t mean she is to be trifled with.

9 Dawn Threatened To Kill Spike If He Ever Hurt Buffy Again

Split image of Dawn smiling và Spike looking over his shoulder in Buffy
After Spike attempted to rape Buffy, Dawn was none too pleased to see hyên ổn welcomed baông chồng into the fold in season 7. In a private moment with hlặng, Dawn admitted that while she is no match for him physically, he has to sleep at some point, & if he ever hurt Buffy again, that"s when Dawn would strike.

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In the Buffy fandom, Dawn is one of the most despised characters. However, it"s moments like these that prove she doesn"t deserve her bad reputation. Dawn may be selfish at times, but her love sầu for her sister is fierce — so fierce that she is will to lớn go toe khổng lồ toe with one of the Hellmouth"s most notorious vampires. The best part is that Dawn would 100% make good on her threat... và Spike knows it.

In season 3, Buffy & teo. stole the Box of Gavrok from the Mayor, but Willow got kidnapped in the process. When a trade was discussed, Wesley said that destroying the box was more important than getting Willow baông chồng. Without a word, Oz smashed a pot needed lớn complete the destroying ritual, leaving the trade as their only option.

Oz"s defining character trait is his stoicism. Even after discovering Willow and Xander"s kissy affair, Oz never even raised his voice. Though a werewolf, violence isn"t in Oz"s DNA. The only thing that could get hlặng lớn be this forceful & angry was his love sầu for Willow. This wasn"t only a defining moment for his character but also for his & Willow"s relationship — and it totally cemented Oz as the best boyfriend in Buffy.

7 Giles Mourned Joyce By Listening To "Tales Of Brave Ulysses"

Rupert & Joyce are smitten
After her death in season 5, the Scoobies all mourned Joyce in different ways, but Giles"s was possibly the most poignant. He was the stalwart father figure all throughout the funeral arrangements, but afterward, he went trang chính to his apartment và put on Cream"s "Tales of Brave sầu Ulysses." He listened in solitude as he sipped a drink and stared off inkhổng lồ space.

This scene had a gravitas that casual viewers might not catch. Years earlier, when Giles và Joyce were under a spell that made them think they were teenagers, they had a wild night of fun that included sex. But as they were getting their tiệc ngọt started, Giles played this tuy nhiên for her. Things were understandably awkward between them when the spell was broken, but Giles listening to lớn this tuy vậy showed that Joyce Summers would always have a special place in his heart.

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Season 2 saw Spike"s roông xã "n roll introduction to Sunnydale và the Scoobies. His coming-out tiệc nhỏ was an attempt at massacring everyone at Parent-Teacher Night at the high school. He was nearly successful and was about khổng lồ achieve sầu the Slayer-killing hat triông xã when he had Buffy cornered. However, Joyce surprised hyên ổn by knocking him over the head with an ax, growling, "You get the hell away from my daughter."

Joyce is a total fan-favorite character, but she never really got any moments of glory on the battlefield. But this moment is significant not just because it was one of her only opportunities to lớn wield a weapon, but also because tension was high between her & Buffy at the time. She thought of Buffy as a troublemaker headed down the wrong path, but this was her first glimpse at her Buffy being a hero. But even though Buffy was the one who took charge of the situation, momma bear Joyce made it clear that notoàn thân lays a h& on her little girl.

5 Xander Saved The School

In season 3, while Buffy & teo. were trying khổng lồ stave off the impending apocalypse (again!), Xander caught wind of some undead students who wanted lớn blow up the school. Even if the Scooby Gang did prsự kiện the apocalypse, fat lot of good it would have done them if they were all crushed under a pile of rubble. Luckily, Xander was successful.

What makes this such a win for Xander isn"t just that he managed khổng lồ foil his foes all by himself; Xander saved the day not through violence but through a simple conversation. He had never been more of a badass. Plus, he didn"t even seek credit at the end of the day. He kept this one to lớn himself and it was one of the few times he behaved admirably.

Buffy và Cordelia butted heads early in the show and the two never had much of a relationship. But after Giles drugged Buffy out of her powers in season 3, Cordelia walked into the library & felt the tension. Buffy meekly asked Cordy if she could drive her trang chính. With no questioning, mockery, or sarcasm, Cordelia simply said, "Of course."

This was a huge defining character moment for Cordelia. At the beginning of Buffy, she was defined by her selfishness, only showing kindness when there was something in it for her. Mix that in with her dislike of Buffy, và Cordelia was in the prime position to lớn make her rival miserable. But Queen C was emotionally intelligent enough to lớn know something was going on with Buffy that transcended pettiness, and she deserves more credit for her response.

3 Buffy Vs. The Watchers Council

In season 5, Buffy & Giles begrudgingly needed the toxic Watchers Council"s help for information on Glory. The Council put the Scoobies through the wringer but Buffy called their bluff when she realized they needed her more than she needed them. She demanded that the Council not only help them with the hell goddess but retroactively reinstate Giles after they had fired him years ago.

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Buffy is a true anh hùng, but when it comes to life & bureaucracy, she was a little lost. She couldn"t stake bills or behead the banker who refused to lớn give sầu her a loan. But after a telling moment with Glory, when the hell goddess invaded her home page, Buffy realized the power she held just by being who she was. This was a crucial step in defeating Glory & all it took was a speech — và a thrown sword.

In season 7, as the Scoobies geared up for the final battle against the First, Anya had a heart-to-heart with Andrew. She spoke of how humans are so terrified of death, but when it really matters, they fight to the bitter kết thúc, và how she was proud to be doing the same.

When Anya lost her powers, she was rather vocal about her misery at being human. One minute, she was top of the vengeance detháng heap, the next she couldn"t even order a beer at The Bronze. But Anya went on a powerful journey lớn discovering her humanity without even realizing it. This confession was rendered even more heartbreaking when Anya lost her life in the big battle.

1 Tara Defended Willow When She Didn"t Want To Use Her Powers

In season 6, Willow"s magic usage was out of control — khổng lồ the point where Tara broke up with her. Willow eventually decided khổng lồ stop using magic but was seriously tested when Halfrek cast a vengeance spell that prevented the Scoobies (& some stray guests) from physically leaving the Summers home. A panicked Anya pressured Willow to use her magic, but the witch stood her ground. However, what was really touching was that Tara stood firm beside her ex-girlfriover.

The fact that Tara was at that các buổi tiệc nhỏ at all is an underrated moment given how much Willow had betrayed her. Tara could have sầu decided lớn just keep her mouth shut và let Willow take the heat alone. But instead, Tara overcame her shyness and hurt feelings. Even if she wasn"t ready lớn get baông chồng together, her compassion truly knew no bounds.