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Why Never Back Down 4 Will Redefine The Martial Arts Series The Never Baông chồng Down series will continue with the upcoming Never Baông chồng Down: Revolt, & the movie will be a big change for the MMA franchise.

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The upcoming Never Bachồng Down: Revolt will change things up quite a bit for the Never Back Down series. Beginning with the original Never Back Down in 2008, the MMA series really found its groove sầu with 2011"s Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown, which also marked the directorial debut of Michael Jai White. The series later continued in năm nhâm thìn with Never Baông chồng Down: No Surrender, with White once again directing. Never Bachồng Down: Revolt will see Kellie Madison in the director"s chair, while the movie itself will be quite a different entity from the three before it.

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Revolt will see Olivia Popica play a woman who is kidnapped and forced to lớn compete in an underground MMA tournament. While not much else has been revealed about the film aside from casting info (such as former MMA fighter Michael Bisping portraying one of the villains), this already shows that Revolt is raising the stakes considerably from those of the first three Never Baông xã Down movies by bringing a kidnapping plot và an underground tournament inlớn the mix lượt thích a throwback lớn the Bloodsport and Kickboxer movies.

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The first three Never Back Down movies were full of punishing fight scenes and the training montages typical of martial arts tournament movies. Each also had their own antagonists engaged in underhanded villain plots, và to be sure, these got increasingly elaborate & Machiavellian, going from simple teenage high school drama in Never Bachồng Down lớn the slimy politics of unscrupulous fight promoters in No Surrender. However, none of them truly dealternative text with the kind of life or death stakes that Revolt is diving head first inlớn.

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Additionally, Revolt also doesn"t appear to have sầu any direct connection to lớn the movies before it in terms of characters or story, meaning that unless a surprise cameo by Michael Jai White or Evan Peters is being kept under wraps, Revolt will be the most standalone entry in the franchise. Of course, that isn"t really a problem with the Never Back Down series specifically. This is because, even when the films occasionally cốt truyện one or two of the same characters, they don"t have all that much direct connection.

Never Bachồng Down focused on a high school kid with anger issues learning lớn temper his rage through MMA, while The Beatdown followed a whole new phối of characters. Despite Evan Peters" returning from the first film, the two movies mostly stood alone. No Surrender re-centered its focus on White"s character Case Walker, the MMA mentor of The Beatdown, returning for an upcoming fight in Thái Lan, but the film was enough of a singular work that it didn"t rely on viewers seeing either of its predecessors either. What they really had in common was their shared focus on MMA, with the latter two especially really hitting the mark with excellent action scenes.

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Revolt is sure to feel like a change of pace for the Never Back Down series, but in a natural và fun way, its kidnapping and underground fighting plot elevating the stakes to their highest. The most important thing to lớn carry over is, of course, the MMA element. With that aspect of the movie falling khổng lồ Tyên Man, who previously worked his magic on Ninja II: Shadow of a Tear, Boyka: Undisputed, Accident Man, and Triple Threat, coupled with Madison"s work on the excellent action short The Gate, Never Back Down: Revolt should have sầu its bases covered.

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