Oxygen Not Included Cheats And Trainers For Pc

Oxyren Not Included is one of those PC games that lets you put in cheats. Cheat codes will help you unloông chồng different modes & even reveal all events. Our Oxyren Not Included Cheats Guide will help you with all the best cheats to lớn unlock God mode, Discover all Elements, & much more.

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Players can make the game take all commands by creating (empty) text-file through the “OxygenNotIncluded_Data” folder. You can locate this thư mục inside the root game thư mục.

All Oxygene Not Included Cheats

The first thing we will talk about in our cheats guide is how to use Oxygene Not Included cheats. Create an empty text tệp tin on your PC and name it “debug_enable.txt.”

The “.txt” file is an extension so the tệp tin name you’re looking for is “debug_enable.” Now you will be able to use Debug-commands but keep in mind that you need khổng lồ restart the game afterward. The method is useful for screen-shot and turns off the HUD with ALT +F1.

Steam users can find this folder by right-clicking the installation thư mục & clicking on “Local Files” và “Browse Local Files.”

Windows & Linux users should move the “debug_enable.txt” tệp tin inside “OxygenNot Included_Data” folder/directory.

Mac users, on the other hand, opening package bundle via a right-click và selecting “xuất hiện Package Contents.” Put the “debug_enable.txt” tệp tin in the “Contents” thư mục.

Oxygen Not Included Cheats List

Discover All Elements — CTRL + F4God Mode — ALT + F4Instant Build Mode + F4DebugToggle — BackspaceToggleProfiler — Backquote/TildeDebugPaintForceFlower — AlphaODebugVisualTest — SHIFT + F1DebugGameplayTest — SHIFT + F2DebugElementTest — SHIFT + F3DebugRiverTest — SHIFT + F4DebugTileTest — SHIFT + F5DebugSelectMalerlia !– CTRL + 5DebugToggleMusic — CTRL + MDebugGotoTarget — CTRL + QDebugFocus — CTRL + TDebugUltraTestMode — CTRL + UDebugSpawnDuplicant — CTRL + F2DebugPlace — CTRL + F3DebugInstantBuildMode — CTRL + F4DebugShowTestMode — CTRL + F5DebugDig — CTRL + F6DebugExplosion — CTRL + F8DebugDiscoverAllElements — CTRL + F9DebugTriggerException — CTRL + F12DebugRefreshNavDell — ALT + NDebugTeleport — ALT + QDebugToggleSelectInEditor — ALT + TDebugPathFinding — ALT + PDebugReloadMods — ALT + MDebugReloadLevel — ALT + LDebugSuperSpeed — ALT + ZDebugNotification — ALT + XDebugNotificationMessage — ALT + CDebugToggleUI — ALT + F1DebugCollectGarbage — ALT + F3DebugInvincible — ALT + F7DebugApplyHighAudioReverb — ALT + F8DebugApplyLowAudioReverb — ALT + F9DebugForceLightEverywhere — ALT + F10DebugCellInfo — ALT + F11

Primary Debug Mode – Backspace

This mode takes a few seconds khổng lồ load when the first time you turn it on. The mode helps you vày the following:

Zoom in and OutToggle Fog of WarPaint Solids và GassesCopy/paste areas of a world excluding dupesSave areas as a templete file

DebugInstantBuildMode — CTRL+F4

The mode does the following for your Oxygen Not Included

Build orders will appear without using additional resources

All contruction types and building are available. Even those that aren’t researched yet

Instant blocks on dig orders

Any building where the player can queue up orders for thắng lợi production, queuing up & order with +1 causes instant production. This takes effect even if the building is recieving no power

Dublicates can be assigned khổng lồ any job

Fully retìm kiếm subject by just selecting it along with prerequisite research subject

All researches last even if the mode is turned off

Debug Telepot (Alt+Q) — Selected dupes, critters, plant, & buldings are teleported to the location of the cursor.

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DebugInvinsible (ALT+F7) — Dupes will become invinsible.DebugUltraTestMode (CTRL+U) — Speeds up the game performance.DebugSpawnDuplicant (CTRL+F2) — Random dupe generation at the cursor.

This is our Oxygene Not Included cheats guide. For more help on the game visit our Oxygene Not Included Flora and Fauna Guide, và Oxygene Not Included Duplicantes Guide.

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