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Price & performance details for the PLEXTOR PX-128S3C can be found below. This ismade using thousands of PerformanceTestbenchmark results and is updated daily.The first graph shows the relative performance of the Hard Drive compared to the 10other common Hard Drives in terms of PassMark Disk Rating.The 2nd graph shows the value for money, in terms of the Disk Rating per dollar.

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Drive Size:119.2 GB

Other names:PLEXTOR PX-128S3C, PLEXTOR PX-128S3C ATA Device, PLEXTOR PX-128S3C SATA Disk Device, PLEXTOR PX-128S3C SCSI Disk Device

Drive sầu Rating/$Price: 14.73

Overall Rank:4239


Disk Test Suite Average Results for PLEXTOR PX-128S3C

Sequential ReadSequential WriteRandom Seek Read Write (IOPS 32KQD20)IOPS 4KQD1
422 MBytes/Sec
253 MBytes/Sec
164 MBytes/Sec
28 MBytes/Sec

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BL1430844 - Jul 26 2021

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