Make every day a vacation adventure! Feel the excitement of going through the airport khổng lồ catch your flight. Jumping on a khách sạn bed. Digging for treasure on the beach. Create all the vacation fun you want with Toca Life: Vacation!


Tell Your Story

Take the vacation of your dreams! Choose and customize your characters and interact with hundreds of different elements within each location.

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Lots of New Friends

Set the scene with 24 different characters. Customize their clothes, hair và accessories any way you like.

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Location, Location, Location

Each location has different activities. Everything from flying in khổng lồ sightseeing to hanging out at the beach.


"There are no rules or scripted scenarios; it’s all up lớn your kid to decide what happens to lớn the inhabitants of Toca Life: Vacation."


Empowering Kids Through Play

The Toca Life series is a kid favorite, in part because the apps empower kids to tell the stories they want to tell in the way they want lớn tell them. Toca Magazine asked four Toca Team members to chia sẻ how they create a diverse set of characters for each Toca Life phầm mềm — & why it matters.

Handcrafted from the Kid Perspective

Kids have the best ideas. That"s why we involve them in every step of way. From kid-testing prototypes lớn kid-sourcing ideas for new apps. We"re listening!

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