December 1, năm 2016 Lipstick, Lipsticks, The Face Shop by Palak Mishra

Skin Type: Combination, oily và acne prone Skin Tone: Medium fair, warm undertones

Hello ladies,

I had reviewed the shade “Moroccan Rose” some time bachồng from The Face Shop Collagene Ampoule Lipstick range. Today, I am reviewing the shade “Killer Brown” from the same range. Read on for more details on this shade:


Product Description: Moisturizing and volumizing anti-aging lipstiông chồng. – This full coverage lipstichồng instantly brightens lips with rich, shimmering colour. The long-wear formula keeps colour vibrant for hours. It contains anti-aging ingredients that reduce the appearance of fine lines to lớn help lips look plump and feel healthy. Price và Quantity: 895 PHPhường. or 1250 INR approx. for 3.5 gm.Bạn đã xem: The face cửa hàng collaren ampoule lipstick review

December 1, năm 2016 Lipstiông chồng, Lipsticks, The Face Shop by Palak Mishra

My Experience with The Face Shop Killer Brown Collagen Ampoule Lipstick:

Let’s begin with packaging of the product as I am head-over-heels in love with this gold lipstichồng tube. The lipstichồng comes inside a matte grey and gold colored cardboard box. The box bears all hàng hóa details like its description, ingredients các mục, etc written on it. The shade name and shade number are written on a color-coded sticker on the top of the box. Inside this box, comes a beautiful lipstichồng tube.

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December 1, năm nhâm thìn Lipstiông xã, Lipsticks, The Face Shop by Palak Mishra


The lipstiông xã tube has a metallic finish. The mirror gold finish of the lipstichồng gives it a luxurious và royal touch. The base of the lipstick tube has a sticker bearing the shade name & number but the brand has not added any color-coded sticker or something.


The twist-up thing of the lipstiông chồng works pretty smoothly. The lipstiông xã tube has the brvà name and range name engraved on it. The cap of the lipstichồng has a nice magnetic closure. Therefore, the cap fits nicely with a quick magnetic grip & does not come off while carrying around. Overall, the packaging is so beautiful, innovative sầu and travel friendly.



The lipstiông xã sets to lớn a beautiful satiny finish. The pigmentation of the lipstiông xã is excellent. It gives close khổng lồ opaque finish in just one swipe. Therefore, I need a second swipe to even out the edges only. I have sầu mildly pigmented lips và this lipstick perfectly covers all the pigmentation of my lips. The lipstichồng has a very faint fragrance that is totally non bothering & barely noticeable.

The texture of the lipstiông xã is silky smooth. It almost feels buttery and glides like a dream on my lips. It glides so effortlessly on the lips & does not cause any dragging of the lips. It never tugs or pulls the lips. The texture is so lightweight and feels ultra comfortable on the lips. I really love sầu the texture và finish of this lip color. It does not cling to lớn the dry patches of the lips and looks even on the lips. The texture is lightweight và does not feel heavy on the lips. The lipstiông xã has good moisturizing & hydrating properties. My lips never feel dry with this lipstiông chồng on my lips even if I skip my lip balm. It keeps my lips nourished for long. It keeps my lips hydrated after a full meal even when the color goes away. It plumps the lips nicely giving them fuller appearance. The lipstichồng has a tendency lớn transfer due khổng lồ its creaminess, but it does not transfer heavily.

The lasting power of the lipstiông xã is good. It easily lasts for 5 hours approximately on my lips with regular sipping of water. The lipstichồng survives light meals too with a little fading from the center of the lips, but the outer lip line smudges a little after a meal. Removing the lipstiông xã is very easy. It never stains the lips& gets cleaned nicely with a wet wipe. Overall, I love sầu this lipstichồng.

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Pros of The Face Shop Killer Brown Collaren Ampoule Lipstick:

Good packaging. Pretty shade. Finely milled shimmers. Apt for fair lớn medium skin tones. Gorgeous satiny finish. Smooth texture. Glides lượt thích a dream. No dragging of the lips. Moisturizing and hydrating formula. Amazingly pigmented. Gives cthua kém khổng lồ opaque coverage in one swipe. Lasts for long. Easy khổng lồ remove. Does not leave any stain behind.

Cons of The Face Shop Killer Brown Collagen Ampoule Lipstick:

Tendency lớn transfer. Smudges a little from the corners after meals. Name is quite misleading.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5 Would I Repurchase/Recommend The Face Shop Killer Brown Collagene Ampoule Lipstick? Yes, I will recommkết thúc this lipstiông xã và I will surely love to lớn try some more shades from this range.

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