This article provides users with 2 available ways to create Norton Ghost bootable USB. Also, an easier way lớn create bootable USB for Windows is given.



/ Last updateDecember 13, 2021

The Need khổng lồ Create Norton Ghost Bootable USB

Norton Ghost is one of the best tools that can help us create disk image, backup selected partitions or any important file. And you can boot into the Norton Ghost recovery environment with a recovery disk to restore image backup or troubleshoot other problems.

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To enter the Norton Ghost recovery environment, you can make a recovery disk by clicking Tools > Create Custom Recovery Disk CD. However, it only allows you lớn create custom recovery disk with CD while there is no built-in CD/DVD drive for most recent computers.

Fortunately, it’s possible lớn create Norton Ghost bootable USB khổng lồ help you boot inkhổng lồ the recovery environment. Cheông chồng the next part to get the detailed steps.

Method 1: Make Norton Ghost Bootable USB with Commvà Line

Here in this part, we will tell you how to lớn make Norton Ghost bootable USB in Windows 10/8/7. Although the whole process is kind of complicated, all you need lớn do is read them through. Or if you prefer an easier way khổng lồ create bootable USB as well as a free PC backup tool, you can refer lớn the next part khổng lồ get it.

To create Norton Ghost bootable USB, first, you should format the USB flash drive sầu lớn NTFS & then copy the contents of the Norton Ghost recovery disk to the USB. Here we take make Norton Ghost 15 bootable USB as an example.

Notes: ◆ Now you can still tải về the latest version, Norton Ghost 15. It only offers you the 30-day free trial version và then you need khổng lồ pay for it.◆ It will erase all the data on the USB drive, so backup your USB flash drive in advance with USB backup software if there"s any important stored on it.

Step 1. Format USB flash drive

1. Insert your USB flash drive sầu & open Commvà Prompt: type “cmd” in the tìm kiếm box > right-cliông chồng Comm& Prompt and choose “Run as administrator”.

2. Type “diskpart” & press Enter to lớn launch the DiskPart utility.

3. Type “danh sách disk” & press Enter to locate the drive sầu number of your flash drive.


4. Enter the following commands one by one & wait for each step khổng lồ complete. Please rethành viên khổng lồ replace the “x” with the USB’ s drive number that appeared in the "danh mục disk" comm&.

select disk x


create partition primary

select partition 1


format fs=ntfs quick



5. Then, the DiskPart utility will cthua trận & you will see the standard Windows command prompt. Enter the following commands:

cd "C:Program Files (x86)Norton GhostAgent"

bootsect /nt60 x:

Notes:◆ If you installed Norton Ghost in another folder on the hard drive, please type the correct location.◆ Replace “x” with the correct letter of your flash drive sầu.◆ If your computer supports Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), you should format the USB flash drive sầu as FAT32 instead of NTFS. To format the partition as FAT32, type format fs=fat32 quiông chồng, & then clichồng Enter.

Step 2. Copy the contents of the Norton Ghost recovery disk

Insert the recovery CD and copy of its files khổng lồ the bootable USB flash drive. Or if the recovery disk is an ISO image file, you can mount the ISO with a virtual drive program và then copy the files to lớn the USB driver.

You can also create và store image backup lớn that USB, then when your computer goes wrong, you can boot your computer from the USB drive sầu and perform a restore.

Step 3. Boot và restore from Norton Ghost bootable USB

Now you can test the Norton Ghost bootable USB flash drive sầu. Restart your computer và enter the BIOS boot options menu. Choose the bootable USB drive sầu and boot your computer from it.

1. When Ghost launch, cliông xã OK khổng lồ continue.

2. From the thực đơn, clichồng Local > Disk > From Image.


3. Then it will ask for the source image. Choose the image you want to restore.

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4. Select the destination drive & OK khổng lồ confirm. 

As you can see, the whole process is kind of time-consuming & you may meet some unexpected errors because of improper operation. And bởi vì not forget that it only offers you a 30-day không lấy phí trial version. Why not try one không tính phí Norton Ghost alternative? It offers more powerful backup options compared lớn Norton Ghost and can help you create bootable USB in only a few clicks.

 Method 2: Create Bootable USB Norton Ghost 15 with Format Tool

On mạng internet, some users report that they cannot find a way to lớn run the Ghost utility from USB key, because they don"t have sầu a CD drive sầu cất cánh. Now, let"s have sầu a closer look at this scenario. 


I have a disk image (ghost) of the disk need to be restored, & believe the ghost.exe pháo should run from bootable USB with DOS, but I can"t seem lớn create it. My máy tính does not have a a cd-rom or floppy drive sầu.I managed khổng lồ find a Ghost utility that I could load from a bootable USB drive. Unfortunately, when I plug in my NTFS external drive sầu (USB), it is not detected.

Do you have sầu similar issue? If so, please keep reading below to lớn create bootable USB for Norton Ghost 15.

Step 1. Download the following two archive sầu software & run the format tool as administrator.

USB format tool:

USB boot Norton Ghost:

Step 2. Configure USB drive sầu. 

Select your USB drive under Device & FAT32 as file system, then tiông chồng the format options, Format DeviceCreate a DOS startup disk, select Boot thư mục of Boot Norton Ghost by clicking the three dots & click OK. After that, click Start lớn mount DOS system files.


Step 4. Click Yes when you are asked if you are really want lớn process with Format. Then, cliông chồng OK.


Step 5. Copy all the content of Boot Norton Ghost folder without Boot thư mục, and paste lớn USB drive sầu. 


Now, you"ve sầu got a Norton Ghost bootable USB. To boot from it, see Step 3 on the previous part.

Easier way to lớn create bootable USB in Windows 10/8/7 

AOMEI Backupper Standard is the best không tính tiền Norton Ghost alternative. It works well on all Windows OS including Windows 10/8/8.1/7.

It allows you khổng lồ create bootable USB drive easily. And you can also choose khổng lồ create an ISO image tệp tin so you can burn to any removable devices. Besides, the bootable media is possible to boot any version of Windows.

How about give it a try? First download & install it on your computer & then follow the steps below lớn create bootable USB as well as create image backup. Please rethành viên to lớn backup your USB drive sầu in advance, because it will erase all the data.

Create bootable USB drive sầu in simple steps:

Step 1. Run AOMEI Backupper, click Tools và choose Create Bootable Media.


Step 2. Select a type of bootable media you want khổng lồ create and clichồng Next khổng lồ continue. For better performance, the Windows PE bootable disc is recommended.


Step 4. Select the USB drive sầu to lớn create this bootable recovery media & then cliông xã Next to lớn run this process.


Create image backup for your computer:

Now you have created a bootable USB that can help boot your computer, then you can create system image or other backup types according to lớn your needs. Just choose one backup option & follow the wizard khổng lồ make it. Besides, you can set scheduled backup khổng lồ make it tự động hóa run daily/weekly/monthly.


Tips: Optionally, you could go khổng lồ Tools > Recovery Environment to lớn enable the boot option of AOMEI Backupper recovery environment. This way, you could also boot into Windows PE & perkhung backup/restore with AOMEI Backupper.


Now you know how lớn make Norton Ghost bootable USB, even for users who don"t have CD/DVD drive cất cánh. To make it, first, you should format the USB drive & then copy the needed files.

Or if you prefer an easier way khổng lồ create bootable USB, AOMEI Backupper Standard can help you make it. It also supports computer backup, restore, and clone just lượt thích Norton Ghost. And it’s totally miễn phí of charge.

AOMEI Backupper also provides higher version for advanced users, which have sầu more useful features, such as, incremental & differential backup, USB plug in, Scheme, encryption, & more. Please give sầu it a chance and you will enjoy a better user experience.